Friday, August 06, 2010

Spirituality and Computing

What is the relation between spirituality and computing? Spirituality is a phenomenon where one or more than one individual is connected with the spirit or the soul. Computing at its core depth is about bits and bytes. A specific group of bits arranged in a certain way gives rise to a meaningful pattern in a humanistic way.

While the soul or the spirit is not binary in nature, its physical (body) and mental (mind) manifestations can be likened to the hardware and software aspects. The physical aspect is very important as hardware is required for whatever may be the functionality that it performs. As there are various hardware models, the body also can be different from person to person.

The mental aspect or the software is the most intriguing part of the equation. As there is no limit to the thoughts that arise in the mind, software also is an art form. Different parts of hardware do different things. The same is the case with the brain. The mind or the software can be made as complex as it can be.

Every passing second, the mind makes a choice (consciously or unconsciously) between two options. Even inside a computer the choice is always between a zero and one. Depending on the choice that either a person or a machine makes, some goals are achieved. These goals may be say, a small product functionality, or it can be a huge project. Any which ways, the simple ones and zeros decisions that we make will dictate the outcome.

One big difference between the software and the mind is that the mind is attached to feelings or emotions, which the software equivalent cannot be extrapolated. These things that make us human can never be substituted with a mathematical algorithm. And even if it is achieved , it will lack genuineness.

Finally without the hardware there will be no software or mind. And the hardware degrades with time, whereas software lends itself to modifications and improves with the passage of time.

As far as the spirit is concerned, it's pervading throughout the whole universe. And all other objects are embedded within it and they are loosely coupled. Maybe computing is also another form of manifestation of the spirit. At a different frequency, if you know what I mean.

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