Tuesday, August 31, 2010

From here to eternity

Time flies. But does it really? Actually the concept of time is a little misunderstood by people. There is no such thing as time, because the past, the present and the future exists simultaneously. Time is an illusion. It’s ruled by Saturn.

Like we cannot give that which we do not have already, we cannot lay claims on the future. That is something that we do not possess. Whereas the past and the present is all ours to be treasured. To claim the future, we will need to please the lord of the rings viz. Saturn.

Time never comes back. It’s like an arrow which has left the bow. Or a word that has been spoken. Hence the phrase “Do not bother about the past” although we will be able to traverse to the past and arrive at a different future. All these permutations have already happened in the universe.

Time will vanish on the D-day. (death) Because it is Lord Shiva, the ruler of Saturn who comes to pick us up. Whether it is greying of the hair or getting a big paunch. as time passes by, you are still the same person. Forget your name or physical attributes, you are just a spark of the divine.

And he who seems to enjoy the dance is the same as the dancer. When the knower and the known become one, time disappears …

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