Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The divine play

We are all manifestations of the divine will. Everyone has a different mix of various characteristics. The basic elements viz. fire, earth, air and water are present inside each one of us in different proportions. There is a natural affinity for the four basic elements within our systems. The fifth element space also is present within our subsystem.

All these elements are spiritual in existence, but they take on different forms in varying proportions to form a human being. They have all achieved God realization, hence a complete avatar of any one of them is really not called for, except in dire circumstances. Like proliferation of evil to a great extent – incidentally this is what Krishna also says that he makes himself a body and comes back in each age.

There is a balance between the good and the bad. When this goes out of control, God manifests himself through his messengers or avatar's, call it as you may like. It's like a virus program that proliferates, escaping antivirus detections. As antivirus has to triumph finally, God comes back in human form. The good will never perish. The bad is a temporary glitch.

Remember the past can be traversed, but not the future. Both the good and bad forces are trying their best to get to the future. But the irony is that nobody will be able to get into the future, as there is none. The future gets created in the present. Like a USB disk which gets activated only when you plug it into the port. The plugging in is the present. But you will never be able to say if it's going to work or not. Mostly it will. But there is no absolute solution.

The future is probabilistic and the present is deterministic. What about the past? Well, it is like that USB disk which has been used. The trails can be maintained. And we can peep into the past. In fact we will even be able to travel into the past to change the present. But then again, the future is an enigma. Only one person knows it accurately. And that person is laughing at our desires to conquer this universe. Maybe one day, we will, but not as expected. We will chance upon it, with his blessings.

Happy Dreams …


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