Friday, July 19, 2013

Why don’t we see God ?

In the rhyme of the flute, in the calling bells of the mosque, in the prayer held on a Sunday morning mass, everywhere. He lives everywhere. In the truthfulness of the brave, in the love of the lover, in the mind of a mathematician, everywhere. He lives everywhere. In the morning sunrise, in the smell of the wet sands on a beach, in the sunset inviting the night, everywhere. He lives everywhere. In the violet by the mossy stone, in the bee’s eyes that search for flowers, in the fruits hanging on those branches, everywhere. He lives everywhere. Inside the seas where we have not yet reached, in the core of the CPU registers, in the pistons of a motor, everywhere. Yes! He lives everywhere.

Yet why are people complaining that they can’t see him? Because they have a preconceived notion of him. An old man with a beard, a man decked in ornaments or maybe a man who brandishes weapons at will. I don’t know. Different people have different opinions. The truth is, he exists everywhere and is witnessing everything. He is formless and can take up any form that he wishes. Ask yourself, what do you see in a new born baby? What do you feel when you drive through the countryside? What do you hear in a stream of water? It’s him. Still we complain that we haven’t had enough of him. There is only one way to see him. By always thinking of him. Yes, remind yourself everyday, he is near you.

I’m not proposing some 30 day retreat or a course in yoga. All you have to do is be aware consciously. Think that he is with you every moment. Yes! Every single moment. And it’s true. He is there. When you are say, travelling in a train or a bus and you have lots of time on hand, just remember him. The very way in which you are used to. Say your prayers if you like, to create the environment. The more time you spend with him, the better is the ride. When you are concentrating on your work, do so. But whenever you get a break, think of him. You’ll soon see that this whole world is made up of him, including non animate matter. He is the soul behind all creation. And that is all there is to it.

Some people ask that why there is so much unhappiness in the world? That is for the very reason that we won’t be able to measure happiness if we did not have its opposite. Everyone has his share. Take it calmly, knowing that one day the dot’s shall connect and you will know the truth. And the truth will set you free. Everything ‘is’ and there is nothing beyond ‘is’-ness. Know that he is the only one who’s forever – infinite. Rest all are like waves of the sea. They come and go. So do our emotions and so do our thoughts. So don’t be enchanted by what is temporary. Base your happiness on what is real. And the only real is him. Rest all are heading towards their end. Be it a star, a fly or a human. Seek him everywhere,and you will be without a moment.

Awestruck, always …


Sunday, July 07, 2013

We walk by faith, not by sight

We walk by faith, not by sight (said in Bible). Jesus said that all we need is the faith of a mustard seed to move the mountains. Faith can be equated to belief. Belief in a vision. For that we need to see the picture clearly. Visualization is about that. Faith cannot be actualized without a clear cut vision. Blind faith won’t do. Faith of a clear cut future is also about persistence. No matter what the hurdles are, we must stick to our faith. In the belief that one day it will become true. And work towards the dream step by step. There may be times when we feel like giving up. These are the bad days. Gather all the courage that we have to face these days and aspire for the brighter ones.

Have you read that book ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach. In it he mentions that we can walk over water or fly only if we decide to with all faith that we have. Maybe this is extremes, but still it cannot be ruled out. At least, metaphorically. When no one else believes in you and your vision, you have to struggle hard as these pressures also take their toll. Hold onto it, just a little while longer. And you will see sunlight breaking out of the rainy clouds. Just when you thought it was about to rain again, out comes the light. And your light will come. Just need to persist in the midst of difficulties. There’s nothing to be explained or proven to people. It is just the high of the vision coming true.

But mind you, the hunt is more important than the kill. So enjoy your journey while your faith gets wings. If you look at history, people have been working very hard to make their vision come true. They have persisted through bouts of challenges which can really drain one. Faith is not for the faint-hearted. From the beginning to the end, it requires non-faltered courage and determination. And you will come out with rosy colors for sure if you are to keep on to it. Thomas Edison blew some 2000 incandescent bulbs before stepping into a real bulb that gives light. And see how it has changed the world. Today we have electricity and all modern gizmos working because of these innovators persistence.

A lot of people will try to dissuade you in this process. Or if you stick by it, they may think that you are a little heady. Your response to them should be ‘Do not mistake my self confidence for cockiness’. So what are you waiting for? Dream big. Visualize it perfectly and then go for the kill. Stick on as much as it requires you to. And one day I’m sure you will realize your vision. The work that you put in will greatly determine the nature of the outcome. If you have any doubts, remember that Cause is greater than Effect. i.e. The cause (vision) is more important. Your effect may not be exactly as you have dreamed off. But one thing is for sure, your effect will one day come true. And that day will be the D-Day of your life. So work towards it.

All the Best,


Thursday, July 04, 2013

You and Me–We are the same

You and me, we are all connected. Though we seem to be separated by a long distance, what is this in comparison to distances between stars? Apparently we seem to be different. Although you must know that you live in me as I live in you. Have you realized this yet? It’s time. Get up and look afar into the distance till your eyes reach the end. You will realize that there is no end. It’s infinite, like you and me. Yes, it is true. You and me, we are the sparks of the same divine. United we stand beneath, in the face of this duality. There is a little space to fill in this world. That’s why we are here. And after that it will be just like it used to be. In oneness. We will be in the rays of the Sun or the borrowed rays of the moon. Or we may just be a droplet of the rainfall.

Open to bliss. Because this world is divine. Everyone and everything. Even that stone that you see has been created unique. Have you seen the sunrise or the sunset lately? See it and you will know what I mean. Or for that matter stand under a starry sky or a beach from where you can see the vastness of the sea.So get. set. go. What are you waiting for. The life’s greatest gift is right in front of you. Dive deep into it. Enjoy the nectar ‘cause that is why it is there. God is wanting you to do that so that he can feel the providence that he himself created. Through you. Yes your very eyes. your ears and nose and every other sense organ that you have. God perceives them through you. You are just a treasurer.

Well, if you are caught up in life’s rush, don’t be. Take some time out to enjoy the divine gifts that God has bestowed on us. Paying bills – well, all of us have to work towards that. But take out just 15 minutes from a day to enjoy the unity. And you will feel different. I guarantee you. See yourself in everything and everyone. And others and other things in you. Here’s a simple way to start. Hold your thoughts and watch for the next thought (close your eyes) and don’t criticize or feel anything when the thought appears. Let it be (like John Lennon says) and just watch the parade of thoughts in our crazy mind. Hold still and imagine yourself where you want to be. Realize him. He is all there is. Rest is all temporary, including this life.

If you observe closely, this is all a play. Like why do kids play ? The obvious answer is because it makes them happy. And the whole sequence of events that happen in a day, is all God’s divine play. Some live. Some die. Some make a killing. Some go bankrupt. All these things are bound to happen. Maybe you are in the limelight at times. Accept them as they come and face them with full courage. If you are feeling nervous take two deep breaths. You will feel better. Life is something that we can’t run away from. Agreed, that everyone has his own struggles, but apart from that, is there anything else? Yes. And that is your duty to yourself. Keep yourself happy. Connect with the force. By that I mean God. Remember he runs the show, you are just a caretaker. So take life one step at a time, one friend a day and a sip of hot coffee in the noon. Don’t cling to your problems. Don’t be a whiner. Take them as they come. Because the good Lord is everywhere and he is by your side. You will definitely get what you want. Persevere a little while more.

Wishing you - your dreams,

Always …