Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dream on till your dreams come true ...

Seasons come. Seasons go. In this, one thing that remains unabated is our dreams. Work towards it. Slow and steady. Some people have dreams, but lack the motivation and attitude to make it come true. For these people a change is mandated. A computer program is similar. It represents a dream of one or many people. It gets shaped through time. And finally when the program becomes ready, look at the ‘a-ha’ behind the many who wrote it.

In a similar way, we have dreams about ourselves. Regurgitate them every day. So no matter how the day has been, we still know where we are headed. Don’t let anyone convince you of otherwise. You are someone special and you have been ordained to do special things. Wait, but don’t hang up. The only distance between you and your dreams is your will. In the end, you won’t be known for your connections but the dream that you made come true.

This will stand the testament of time.  We have a very short life and too much to do. Take them one spoon at a time.  Just enough to be palatable to the senses. Drink  deeply from the well of life. Your experiences are a great way of spiritual communion. Learn from them. Apply the truths in your day to day life. Soon a character would be molded out of that.

And as years pass by, this character would be strong enough to weather any storm. Your personality will glow in the stage of life, as an achiever. Somebody who could steer from adversities and make his/her dream come true. Because finally that is all there is to it. We come into this world empty handed and go back empty handed. Nothing is ours, except our dream.

Dream on. Dream on till your dreams come true. (Aerosmith)


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tackling pain

As darkness is to light, pain is to love. Whatever pain that we are undergoing, is a reminder for us to return back to normal, which is love. Pain comes in various flavors: physical, emotional and mental. Some are chronic while some last seconds. There is a reason why we experience pain. Do you know the reason? Well, it’s nothing but a signal that something is not going right, the way it should.

Whether it’s a heart break or a headache, take refuge in God. He will alleviate your situation. Till that time, stay on. Bear it. It will make you stronger. When you come out of it, you will be a better person. God is very kind and generous. He does not give you the pain, but he sure has a solution to everything. For him, there is nothing in this universe that he cannot heal. Trust him to do what’s best for you.

It’s very hard for others around to see you going through a tough situation. When you are in pain, your loved ones also feel part of it, because they are attached to you. Pain thus can be like cancer. Malignant. Take all steps to lessen it. The best is requesting God to take it away. Of course, there is medication available today for most sorts of imbalances. However, do not doubt the Almighty’s role in it.

Some people seem to be stuck in a rut like situation. I’m talking about chronic pain - The kind that poisons your mind and body. Understand the root cause of pain. If you take steps to counter the root cause, you get a permanent cure. Some of the medicines just work on the symptoms, as a result of which the pain comes back. Don’t pop in that pill which gives you temporary relief. Look for eradicating the source. And pray to God that he may give you strength to counter it and an everlasting relief.

To your well-being,


Thursday, February 07, 2013

Keep your Ego in check

We all view others through a colored glass. This invisible glass is called the Ego. It is nothing but a filter which acts like a sieve through which we judge others. Our deep down beliefs, value systems, experience and opinions make up the Ego. If in a healthy state, it can be the source of joy, otherwise, we may be looking at a distorted reality.

Data is covered by information. Information in turn leads to knowledge. Knowledge when filtered through intelligence and experience leads to Wisdom. And finally whether to accept the call of wisdom is taken by the Ego. Thus the Ego can be very compelling. Sometimes it does not listen to the whispers of wisdom. Sooner or later, all hell breaks loose.

The way to wisdom is simple and subtle. Learn from the best friend – experience. True wisdom is the real knowledge of God, and having experienced this reality. The soul is above everything else, yes, even Ego. But the soul is a simple observer. It does not pass value judgments or get agitated. It simply sees everything the way it is. I’m sorry, not sees, experiences.

The Ego, however strong it may be, cannot catch hold of the soul. The Ego lives in this fear. It wants to be accepted the way it sees reality. Once we shed the spectacle of Ego from our system, we experience reality the way it is - the soul’s way. It simply means to see another person or event as a reflection of God. The other person is also a spark as you are, and needs to be treated the way you treat yourself. This maxim has been extolled in many a great books.  It’s quite simple. Dissolve Ego. Realize God.