Thursday, December 26, 2013

Are Computers Alive ?

Do computers have a soul? That very well depends on what we mean by the soul. The soul is a part and parcel of the larger grand soul or God. It permeates everywhere. In living and non living things. If we go by this definition, then we can say that indeed computers do have a soul. The soul is the ultimate indivisible  article. Some scientists say that the Higgs-Boson particle is the God particle. But I have my own doubts. Because you see, there is no God particle as such. He pervades everywhere, within matter and the void space. The soul is the most powerful thing that will ever be known. To experience it’s own power, soul created matter and non living things. It enjoys its experience through living beings like us. About it’s nature, Lord Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita says “It can’t be wetted by water or burned by fire”. Thus the soul is much more powerful than the five elements.

Computers deep down are nothing but souped up calculators. They work in binary (0’s and 1’s) language. As we build abstractions (nobody writes in machine language) that take us away from the innards of the computer, it becomes more and more user friendly. The soul is not just present inside a program but also threads (program or process divided into finer units) Once a class is abstracted as an object, it literally lives in the memory before being evicted by a  destructor method. However infinitesimally we divide the program, the soul lives everywhere – inside a polymorphic function, in the values returned by a function and in the libraries. Inside every API (Application Programming Interface) is the presence of the soul. Every socket used for communication, every disk write and every device that is attached to the computer, the soul lives inside. It just experiences the happening.

The soul really doesn’t care whether somebody lives or dies. Similarly, inside a computer there are so many processes which are invoked by a user and after completion of the task they simply are there no more. The soul just watches the fun of a program being executed by the CPU (Central Processing Unit). It watches the CPU like it watched our mind. Simply observing, without passing value judgments. Like the mind can cloud the judgment of  person, the CPU also restricts a program functionality based on its instruction set. No matter however hard you try, you are restricted by the instruction set. This applies to a program also. The number of API’s available within a platform will dictate its usefulness and success. Variations in different kind of CPU is like the difference between individuals. Everyone comes with the instruction set (hereditary factors and past karma) that defines their basic value-systems. But if the soul wishes, it can transform this repertoire into something more appropriate.

The soul is identified as a part of the bigger ultimate phenomenon called God. Its everywhere. When somebody dies the soul simply picks up the next body or non living entity into which it enters. This is a easy version of the truth. Actually, the soul is everywhere.  It always has been. And there is no difference qualitatively between one soul and another. For example, two individuals only differ by their form and mind intricacies. Their souls are the same, qualitatively speaking. Coming back to computers, it’s similar. A PC or a MAC may look different (As per their form and CPU) but they serve the same purpose holistically. To be of use to some people somewhere. The soul definitely exists inside them and there is no virus or any other malware that can affect the soul. The CPU (mind) may be reprogrammed, but not the soul. Not a chance – even if we had a thousand life times.

Do give this a thought …


Friday, December 13, 2013

Your inner call – dissecting your brain

Within your mind is infinite possibilities all laid down for you to seize and manifest them. You see, your brain consists of three parts viz. the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. All these work in a sequence. When you are awake, the conscious part of the brain receives stimuli from the external world. Some of them get filtered into the subconscious. Others are rejected by your conscious. The stimulus can be visual, audio, olfactory or simply touch. You associate particular meanings to them and your emotions react to these thoughts. From the loudest noise to the faintest whisper, your brain records the thoughts that are associated with them. A thought is nothing but a memory trace recorded as a pattern of neurons. The entire brain keeps changing, depending on day to day stimulus and the thoughts that we think as a result. Newer neural pathways and updates to the old one are happening every second.

The conscious part of the brain is the gatekeeper. It allows thoughts to enter the subconscious selectively. When you are in the awake mode your brain waves are vibrating at higher frequency called ‘beta’.The lower frequencies are ‘alpha’, ‘theta’ and ‘delta’. As you go to lower frequencies you start becoming calmer. In ‘Beta’ mode, your brain makes a lot of noise. Unwanted thoughts keep coming in and your filtering mechanisms may fail. As you go into the lower frequencies, you start thinking better. To know how the brain operates in the ‘Beta’ mode, stay still when you are awake. Just watch the train of thoughts that you generate every minute. do not judge the thoughts. Just watch them pass. Now stay in the moment by thinking of nothing – I mean put a cessation to the unlicensed thoughts entering your brain. Just be. And you will suddenly find a peace dawning on you. The conscious has to be controlled, else it can make the whole experience of life messy.

Your subconscious is the next part of the brain. It contains your experiences, beliefs and value system. The subconscious receives command from the conscious. It just stores all the impressions of thoughts and other things you have picked up while you were growing up. It does not judge thoughts. Hence it’s very easy for negative thoughts (gremlins) also to get in and stay put. When you are hypnotized, what the doctor just did was bypassing your conscious and directly commanding your subconscious. You can be made to do anything. The subconscious if imprinted with the right positive mental attitude can give rise to a powerful personality. You hear about manifesting our dreams. It’s nothing but carving a groove of this dream into your subconscious. The subconscious is your mental make up. When you listen to somebody, you may agree or disagree depending on the imprint of your subconscious. Thus it is a very powerful part of the brain.

The unconscious or the God part of the brain connects deeper with the universe. This is where God talks back to us. Both the conscious and the subconscious have access to it. However, in normal waking states, it’s difficult to access it. It’s a treasure-trove. Our intuition comes from this part of the brain. And intuitions are very powerful. If we live by them, our whole life takes up a very meaningful approach to life. As you know that most people get to where the are by trial and error, because they don’t listen to that inner voice. Well, that is God’s voice inside our head. Our own intuition. Some people say that the past lives information is also stored here. Some debate it to be in the subconscious. Let it be anyways, but remember that the voice inside your head (not delusionary) – the real voice is the universe signaling you to spur into action. Act on it. And you will find things falling in place again.



Sunday, December 01, 2013

Be blessed

You are blessed. We all are. Think of this moment as a gift from God. When you wake up in the morning, the first ray of light that enters the eyes. Then the sound and the smell start entering our senses. Are we not all fortunate to witness this very moment? Take a moment to look at the sky, the clouds and the azure color of the sky. Never has this moment ever been or never it will be. It just is. We are so fortunate to witness all this. But we are so caught in the hum-drum of life, instead of looking at the rainbow, we curse that it is raining. Instead of feeling gratitude, we are so occupied by the thoughts that vibrate in our mind. And the morning madness sweeps the beauty away. We check the weather but don’t enjoy it really. Don’t you see that every moment is unique. every single moment that we live is because of God’s grace and we must rightfully hank him for that.

Faster and faster. That seems to sum up the essence of modern life. We are so anxious that we keep pressing the close button of the lift although we know that it will close in a jiffy. Type ‘A’ personalities. Just have to get there. Ready, Aim and Shoot. Can’t wait to do that. We also have computers which are very efficient. So much so that we depend on them for almost everything. Life as such has become so complex and we are caught right in the midst of it. Even if were to take a break and go see nature, will we be able to enjoy it? I doubt. So many things  happening, we hardly get time to reflect. Not even whether our scripts are leaning against the right wall. The more we beget success, the more we want it. Nothing wrong. But it helps sometimes to think if this is the life that we really want. Ask yourself those questions. Sometimes we have to come out of our comfort zones and re-evaluate.

Besides the usual ‘I want more money’, ‘I want to succeed’ and all the wishes, we have to understand that we are spiritual beings first and then the bodies. This life is a journey towards God. One term for the super-natural is perfection. We are perfecting ourselves birth after birth and going towards the supreme, every single moment. Whether consciously or not, we are inching towards God. It’s a long journey, but make sure that you enjoy every bit of it. Every one of us carries a baggage of old karmas and the beliefs and thoughts. When these are neutralized, we are there. At his doorsteps. And when we embrace God, the journey is over. But to get there is a story of perseverance and perfection. The Buddha did it. So did Jesus. And they have said that the task may be difficult, but not impossible. We have to keep this in mind and proceed on our rendezvous. Remember, enjoy the journey.

The shortcut to this journey has already been invented by man. Yes, computers. They are accurate, fast and efficient. We can use them as a tool to speed up the journey that we have embarked upon. And by that I mean the journey towards God. Computers help us save a lot of time, because they are incredibly fast. It is the God’s spark within man which has made computers possible. And in our ultimate journey they can help us. There is no doubt about that. Give thanks to God for having made this possible. Thank him from the bottommost part of your heart and you will receive his immense love, which unfortunately you don’t seem to recognize in our daily schedule. Gratitude to God is like the cake whose icing is life, although some people may think otherwise. You have plenty of reasons to thank God. But he is modest enough and does not ask for it. I urge you to feel all that good that has happened to you and thank God for his support and well wishes, every single day.

Be blessed.