Sunday, December 30, 2012

I have a message for you this year end of 2012

Yet another year goes by with so much left to do. All the good deeds of the year have been overshadowed by incidents like the Connecticut massacre and the Indian girl who lost her life to gang-rape. Every day the news seems to be so much of killing everywhere. I just read the death of 19 Pakistani people killed by a suicide bomber. Now, why does this happen? And most importantly, are we in a position to deal with such unfortunate incidents? The people who suffer such atonement and their near and dear ones seem to be going through the roughest of times. My heart goes out to all of them, and that’s the least I can do.

It feels like somebody just sapped out a lot of energy from my soul. These are trying times. I still have no clue as to why these mindless menacing things happen. All I know and hope for is that God puts some sense into these misguided people. There are not many I believe. But the few who are out there can cause a lot of harm. Wish that we had a GPS on these individuals and could help them before they pull the lid of that grenade. Still there are many more people in the majority who wish for peace than the sidelined few who have shrouded their goodness by wrong beliefs.

Anyway, I’m not writing this to make you feel down. There are many positive things that also happened during the year and will continue to happen. Gangnam style. So, let’s welcome the new year with the fizz of champagne and hope that this year would be better than any other year that we have known. Miles to go before we sleep. Put on your best outfit and party hard, if you may. Let your new year resolutions be firm throughout the year and I pray that you find what you seek. May this new year bring you and your loved ones lot of joy and fulfill your dreams, beyond your wildest dreams.

I also pray that may God heal the souls of those affected by tragedies. And let them have a good year ahead. Let them find love, for those who haven’t found it yet. Let them be showered by money, whose monetary needs are imminent. Let all those whose careers have not gone as expected, take off to dizzying heights never experienced before. Let there be cheer everywhere and let sorrows stay miles away. Let the peace of God dawn upon every single soul and lift them up from their struggles. Let there be life everywhere, as we realize that we are all connected to each other. Friends forever …

Wishing your best always,