Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thoughts and Emotions–Friend or Enemy

Can a bunch of symbols, mean anything intelligent ? Yes, they can. If they are arranged in a particular order. In fact, that’s what we are. Deep down, we are nothing but a bunch of symbols being represented as a human because we have formed complex patterns. Our brain is one such evolution. So is our DNA. Although, we may have forgotten a lot of things, our body remembers everything. For instance, the eyes that you may be sporting may be your great-great-grandfather’s eyes. The body remembers everything. And by that I mean the DNA inside us is a living proof from where we have descended. Strange as it may seem, this memory is much more exhaustive than our brains. To cut it short, our body has more memory than our brain.

Our mind and brain are like software and hardware. Some people mix the two up. But they are distinct. Software includes our thoughts and emotions. Some thoughts lead to emotions and some emotions leads to thoughts. For some people thoughts are predominant over emotions and for some people it’s the other way round. So much emphasis has been given to thoughts in the recent times, that we have forgotten that emotions can also trigger or be triggered. While thoughts can exist outside a body(like that of a computer), emotions need the body to express them. We act on our emotions, not thoughts. That’s the way we are wired, unlike a computer for which there are no emotions. Still people think that computers will be able to emote. They may, but it will not be real.

Like a mango cannot be known without tasting it, we cannot know the world just by observing it. We have to taste it – by that I mean we have to live it – with our emotions. Emotions are the outward expression of the experience we are having. Hence it’s very easy to change ourselves. Change the thoughts and emotions associated with the experience that we desire to have and wallah, we will experience the way we want to. For those who are stuck in a rut also, this applies very well. Direct your emotions at will, with the conscious mind. Herein comes the usefulness of memory. We can relive some our memory and make us feel exactly the way we want to. Finally, it’s about those deja-vu emotions that make us feel in a particular way.

If life gives you a lemonade, make a lemon drink. Don’t complain that you did not get orange. But there is no harm in aspiring for orange. After all, we have the power to achieve what we seek. But in the end, it’s about thought and emotion culture. A well trained mind will be able to achieve anything it likes, whereas a mind that is gone astray, will sway about, reaching nothing. Good, positive thoughts and emotions will make us feel good. If we chose otherwise, we will feel that way. I know that life is not easy. It’s not always possible to remain in a calm mind. Sometimes we burst. But it is exactly these destructive thoughts and emotions that we must master and supplement them with good ones. Taking up a practice like meditation can also help. Clear the clutter and make it better. You are a born winner, and you will reach your goals by having a healthy mind.

To your well being.