Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today understand it. Tomorrow the same opportunity may not be there

You know life is strange. You have a past that follows you everywhere and a future that you follow everywhere right in the present. In life what is important is not the attainment of a goal, but how you traverse through the untrodden path. If you are wise, you will have a great time doing so. You have to live for now. The past is dead and the future is unknown. What you can be sure of is the time. There will never be a moment like this again. Live it. Savour it. Do what you love and every instant is a celebration.

The good old days of the forgotten years are still beckoning us. We have made this world so complicated, when there is simplicity all around us. Look at nature. It is consistent. Contradictions don't exist outside. It's within our minds. People unnecessarily complicate things. Rather than doing ten things half done during the day, it is better to do two fully.

We are so much in a hurry that we don't listen to that divine voice inside each of us. Stop for a moment and hear it. Follow it. See through it. Become it. (This is a borrowed idea) What is yours is waiting there to be claimed. Seek it and use it. Life's greatest gift to you is yourself. The calm pulsating undying self within you.

Realize it.

Aaj Samjhle. Kal ye mauka haath na tere aayega (Today understand it. Tomorrow the same opportunity may not be there)



Sunday, October 18, 2009

When words lose all the power

When words lose all the power

Words don't come easy

How can I find a word

To make you see

I love you ...

Words don't come easy

So goes a song. It's true. Have you noticed sometimes how we fumble for a perfect word for whatever it is we want to say. Words are just approximations of our feelings. They do not fully convey the language of the heart. Words fall short of one thing – the actual meaning. A better repertoire of words can come in handy. But it is absolutely useless if the person on the other hand has a limited vocabulary.

In programming parlance, words are keywords and the rest are additional constructs. Although programming is made up of words, that follow strange rules, it is more structured. The moment we enclose something within a structure, the meaning tends to dissolve. It's like a bird in a cage. For the heart to speak, freedom is the essence of the soul.

And the worst is when a word is misconstrued for that kills the entire meaning.

My opinion:

  1. Keep it short and simple. I have seen many proposals marauding the entire aspect of the same – namely to be understood.
  2. Even if you don't use an appropriate word, it's OK, as long as your intention is true
  3. Some people have a gift of gab. It's OK, if you are not in the same category.
  4. Trust more in eye contacts, handshakes or other form of exchanging meaningful communication.

Words have their own fallacy. You don't. Rely on yourself. You are a gift beyond words.

Best Wishes,


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Behind Collaboration

I was thinking of honey bees today.

They painstakingly gather honey from different flowers for us. And in a single moment we take that honey and use it for ourselves. The effort for them maybe is a year or two to gather all that honey. And we break it just in an instant. God has really blessed us in order for us to be able to do so.

The same is applicable to the software industry. We use different products which have been painstakingly created by a number of our friends. Imagine using the System Namespace in a .Net program. It just takes 1 line to include the same. But can we contemplate how many Microsoft programmers and other team members have made it simple for us.

This is true of Open source also. As a matter of fact it just does not apply for IT but for construction too. A house built, a school here, a hospital there. We are privileged to use the summary rather than walking through the process of creation. Then we use the summary to create further summaries. As time whizzes by the old meaning is lost but it gives rise to new application. We treasure this because of the simple reason that we built it. But was it not teamwork. You see teamwork doesn't always have to be real time but it can be across time and eternity.

Collaboration on a tears and sweat foundation.



Sunday, October 04, 2009

Standards – The opposite of Personalization


Standards – The opposite of Personalization

Wouldn't it be nice if we had standards for personalization? Let me explain.

Standards are linked to discipline. If everyone was to follow their own way, the world would be one unmanageable place. Hence we need standards. They help us towards responsible behavior. Standards improve over the course of time. But they should always be downwards compatible. By that I mean that the previous standards should not be disposed away. If we do, then the change can be more difficult to implement. So ideally speaking the new standards should not replace the old. But supplement them.

Take personalization now. There are different levels of the same. It can be for an individual, a group, a community or other aggregates. The higher the level the more people benefit. At the individual level it ceases to be a standard anymore. Imagine a world were everyone were to Personalize their choice of desktops and display it to others. People would get confused. I think there should be general strokes of standards applicable to personalization also. This would help others.

But then comes the personality aspect. This would be restricted if we limit it. And can anyone restrict freedom of expression. Ideally speaking naught, as long as it does not harm others. Individual is important as long as there is consideration for others also. Hence I believe that standardization for the benefit of one and all is good and will stay and make this world a much better place to live in.