Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hello, darkness my old friend

It was from darkness that light came to be. Yes, pitch darkness. This is also confirmed in Genesis ‘ And God said, let there be light ‘. So why do we feel afraid of darkness, if it’s the womb of creation. It’s mainly because we can’t see clearly in the dark. The other reason is that there are so many stories made up by people of ghosts, zombies and what not that we fear to tread the dark. Maybe not as adults, but as kids, most of us do. With light there is motion, with darkness there simply is silence. And not many of us are good in dealing with silence. Especially in darkness. The colour black that is associated with darkness simply denotes a void – something from which nothing can emanate. Then how was light produced from this void? Well, no one knows for sure. It’s one of those divine mysteries.

Light is nothing but the absence of darkness. And vice versa too. Both can never be present in the same room together. This phenomenon is what we observe as duality in our daily lives. In our emotions, thoughts and actions. We attach the tag positive and negative and we are acutely aware of both of these. Inside a computer also we have zeroes and ones. That is called binary language – the native language of all computers. However, do not get misled by appearances. To understand one, we have to understand the opposite also. For example, he who has never cried has never laughed. He who has never felt sad, has never felt love. These things always come in these dual packages. To understand one, we have to understand the other also.

Unlike other animals, we have been given the power of choosing one over the other. We have free will. So if somebody chooses to be happy, happy he is. If you choose to be miserable, so it is. This is a great gift. This makes us beings that we want to be. However, at times it may seem that we are not in control. But that is just the muck of thoughts dancing in our heads. We are in control at all times. We can choose our destinies. Whether we choose to have light or darkness in our life is completely our prerogative. We chose light because it makes us feel good. We expand. Whereas darkness leads us to pain, which most of us shun away from. Sometimes, pain is necessary for us to bounce back to a level that we have never achieved before.

Darkness is not about pain – it’s a lesson. And we should take it likewise. Darkness is the catalyst to light or happiness, as some of us may want to term it. So do not think that darkness is your enemy. Sometimes the seeds of greatness are embedded within it, waiting to shine forth. Of course, no one chooses darkness voluntarily, but even when it appears in your life, do not be disappointed. It’s all part of this game called life. 96% of this universe is made of darkness (dark matter and dark energy). We are lucky to be here, bathed in sunlight and artificial light (when night dawns). So once in a while, go out and talk to the darkness that is out there. You will be surprised that it talks back to you. So whoever said that God is only light, is just kidding you. He is omni-present.

To your darker side,