Thursday, July 30, 2015

Till death do we part

Do not get attached to the thoughts that come in your mind. They keep coming and going. No reason to get stuck to any of them. In the same way, do not dodge emotions/feelings that make you feel bad. Let them come and go. As you know, none of these thoughts or emotions are permanent in nature. Pretty much like life. Still we take life so seriously. We plan, strategize, do all that makes us feel good. Not knowing that the average life span of seventy-seven years will pass like a blink. Whichever way you may have lived, you have come here with empty hands and will go back empty handed. Ironic, isn’t it ? But during the time that you are a guest of this beautiful planet, you have a job to do. To make it better, in any way, that you are capable of. Fend not just for yourself, but others too. Bring a smile to one more face or a million faces, if you can. And you would’ve lived your life well…

So what is the purpose of all this? Well, the answer is zilch. Nothing. You have to find your own purpose, or better yet, create it. You see, life is like a football match. Some get to play the goalkeeper, some get to play the referee. When the match starts (when you are born) everybody is cheering you. You have a limited time (a lifespan) to play the match well. When the match ends (death) everyone returns back home. In the meanwhile, either you have played well or not, your turn is over. People may remember you, if you played well. Or else your name gets buried with the names of those who did not make a difference. Playing a match is not that difficult, however scoring a goal is. That is what makes you a winner. No matter what, you must score.

There will always be people who are antagonistic to your ways. You just can’t avoid that. But the magic is to keep believing in your dreams, still when the opposition is loudest. Do not give up your dreams and goals. Do not stop and falter, when you are in adverse situations. You should bounce back even more when the circumstances are harsh. That shows that you are made of metal. So strong that pressure does not bend it. Water does not rust it. The wind does not erode it. Once you have figured out what you want to do, go right after it, with full determination. To rest for  a while, it’s OK. But do not quit. Failures are just breakpoints. You need to watch your moves – your strategies – if they are not getting you where you are headed. Make the appropriate change and then get on it.

Now what if you pass away in the midst of all the action- with some unfulfilled dreams? Do not fret. The fact that you have tried your best is enough. Maybe you won’t end up in the legends list. But you will also not be on the wayfarer’s. There is a lot of scope for someone alike you, who (he/she) can complete your dreams. Give it a chance. But you must have had some traction with your goals. Things that you count as important. Some milestones achieved. Say you are a businessman who dreamt of building a billion dollar business. And it’s still in the millions when you had to go away. Maybe someone will pick up the threads and make your dream complete. You see – the dream is important – not who does it. Because folks – this life is a very short affair – live it to the best you can, when you can, till you can.

To your dreams,


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Seven spiritual laws of success

1. Know thyself
It’s very important for you to know yourself. This is the secret to realizing God. When you know your self (soul), you get to know God. You will feel an overwhelming sense of peace thereafter. Get to know your emotions and thoughts well. See clearly the actions that you take based on them. Get rid of negative subconscious beliefs. Know your strengths and weaknesses clearly. Work on them. Despite all shortcomings, learn to accept yourself the way you are. But work towards improving each second. Because the only purpose of life is growth. Raise your vibration level, till you achieve the sublime. Propel your strengths and realize the gifts that God has given you. You are a blessed person. Understand that and above all, feel that in your day to day life.
2. Pay attention
If you don’t have a focussed mind, you have work to do. Pay attention to everything around you. Notice the subtle and the not-so-subtle. When listening, listen with your full energy. If some things are not clear, wait and listen again, till it so becomes. If your mind is distracted, learn to bring it under control. Point it to the thing you want your attention to dwell on. The mind is like a drunken monkey, but we can learn to keep it under our control. Try Yoga or meditation. If you are paying proper attention to life, you will always be in awe of it. You will wait for everyday to begin and accept the things that come your way. Just pay heed to them and take action after fully attending to them. Focus.
3. Act
Do not procrastinate. The shortest distance between your current state and future is intention. Be hard core about it. You cannot achieve your future state unless you act on that intention. The law of attraction says ‘Ask-Believe-Receive’. But between he last 2 steps there is one thing missing and that is action. Too many people dream about success without acting. These dreams do not have enough gravitational pull to make them manifest. Only your actions can make them do so. It’s very important for you to take steps towards your dreams everyday. Maybe baby steps, but walk you must, on the road to your dreams.
4. Accept failure
Despite your best intentions, you may not succeed in some of your ventures. Accept them gracefully. Dissect them. Learn from them and let them go. Move to your next plan. You see there is not a single person on this Earth who ha not failed. Failure is a lesson to us, that we did not make proper moves or maybe did not plan enough or maybe mixed up emotions or whatever it may be. This is a step towards our eventual success. Failure is akin to darkness. You need that in order to see light – our success. That has a sweeter taste. Celebrate your failures like success.
5. Make Friends
In this short life, one way to go about is by making friends all the while along. You see friendship is a gift from God. You can choose them, unlike relatives where you cannot exercise the choice. But making friends today is easy. Facebook. Bebo. Myspace etc. But these are virtual friends. Nothing beats the feeling of having real friends and downing a pint or two with them by your side. The talks are the cake’s icing. So make as many friends as you can. Share your story. Listen to theirs. Smile at them, be supportive and empathize. There are 7 billion of them waiting to hear from you. You may run short of time, but not friends.
6. Follow your love
Its very important to spend time on that which concerns you. Do only those things that you long for. Do not be in a job which you hate. Follow your call. If you love to dance, be a dancer. If you love to run, be an athlete. If you love to talk, be an anchor. Do only that which comes naturally to you. Your gifts from God have to be exercised. Do not waste time running after that which you detest. This life is a short phenomenon. Make sure that you have lived it to the fullest by working on your desires and see your dreams taking shape before your eyes. Only do that which appeals to you. Do not go against your inner nature.
7. Thank God
Everyday. Every single minute. You owe that to God.You are in this current state for reasons that are beyond your guesses. Only God knows your way ahead. He has already given you a lot of gifts. Like say your health. Your family. Your friends. And there are so many other wonderful things that he has sent your way that it is not enough even if you say thanks to him. Believe in his power and believe in yourself. Keep thanking him. It will open your channel to God and he will shower his blessings on you. You may have been in a war-torn country or other situations that would have been really dis-tasteful. Thank him that you have a life that you look forward to and remember all that he wants from us is to grow towards him. Step by step. Second by second. And that too is in your favour.
To your best,