Monday, May 21, 2012

Never give up

In life there are two things you got to follow: First, never give up. Second, never give up. Maybe today was not the day for you, as you intended it to be. There is always a morrow that you can hope for. To make your dreams come true, to lift you up to the seventh heaven and to bask you in the glory of the sunshine, you have to learn to wait. But, hustle while you do. Have you noticed, all days are not the same. You have to believe in yourself first. And be with people who believe in you. Just keep in check your anger. There is not a greater enemy than that. Your only defense against this emotion is you, yourself. Enjoy the ride. Every moment of it.

You see, life is like a game of cards. You don’t know on a particular day, which cards would be dealt. But whether you get a full hand or not, you must  play to the best of your ability. That is all that is asked of you. The day you decide not to play is alright, if you want to take a break. But you must come back and learn the game. Play as hard or as best as you can. Then go home. Get yourself a good night’s sleep and come back to play again. Life is not an impossible game. We can all learn it. But we must first get in the mood. By that I mean that we must get ready, by first negating our negative qualities, and then emphasizing the positive. Bring the best of our qualities to the table and then play.

If you feel like quitting, that decision will haunt you for the rest of your life. So don’t. Unlike an airplane, where you get to see the clouds only out of the window, this game is like a train ride. We get to enjoy the scenery. Now it is entirely up to us. We can be morose that things are not going well. Look at what is going for you. Never focus on the negative. There are so many things about life that we need to be thankful about, the little nuisances seem just small. For example, you have good health on your side. A healthy body and a healthy mind. Thank God for that and move on. Never squander time. I know we all have sometime or the other. But realize that time is our best friend. So utilize it most appropriately.

The whole world is yours. In fact, the whole universe. Claim it through earned work. It doesn’t matter what type of work. But something within us which we are made to manifest. Discover that and then life will be a fun ride. Play to your fill. There is no limit. This game never gets over. We are like a wave of the mighty ocean. Be the biggest wave that the surfer will never stop talking about. Leave a legacy. That’s what you are here for. If not the whole world, at least we should make a difference to one person. Touch someone somewhere. With all your best wishes and blessings. And it will come back to you, ‘cause it always does. So remember to spread your joy to others, and most of all, never give up.



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sunami said...

hai my name is sunami. ur each and every word i keep in my mind. i thought to giveup my life but after read this i decided to face everything in life what problem i having in thanks a lot.