Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A wise man’s tale

As we go ahead in life, we collect more experience and money. While one leads to wisdom, the other gives us more comfort in life. Both are equally important, the former maybe a tad bit more. Money can come and go. It waxes and wanes. Whereas wisdom keeps on growing every day. You can never lose it. So what exactly is this thing called Wisdom?

The application of knowledge and intelligence is Wisdom. It gives us the power to proceed ahead in any situation. Wisdom is mainly shaped from past experiences and knowledge accumulation. It’s a sum of all that we have gone through in life. Wisdom gives us the power of discrimination. We can choose the right option in any difficult circumstance.

The more wisdom we have, the more chances that we will make the correct decisions. Although wisdom is a powerful weapon, it can be over ridden by our ego’s. Hence we need to maintain a healthy ego which can sometimes supersede the call of wisdom. Ego runs riot in our system because a lot of it has to do with our emotions. Those which are unchecked like obsessions can sometimes hurt us.

Hence we have to be balanced. Thought culture from childhood itself can prove to be advantageous. Emotions are caused by thoughts, as you will recollect. I’m not saying that all emotions are bad. But those which arise out of fear are mostly harmful, except when fleeing from a predator. Thoughts that are analytic and applied can lead to wisdom. Basically, anything that takes us to our true north, can be termed as wisdom.

Gut feel coming out of a wise person, is not by chance. It’s simply the accumulation of wisdom in that gifted person. We all are gifted. Hence we all have the power to be wise. The more the merrier. A wise person is a happy person and contributes to the well being of society. So keep collecting the nuggets, till you become a wise person. Let the arrow of time, make you wiser.