Sunday, December 26, 2010

Trust in your heart

Ain't got no reason for love. The soul's fabric is weaved out of this one. What else could be finer than this? Love pervades the entire universe. I don't know if we should call it as the ultimate particle. Love is the very reason why the world exists. But why does love exist – nobody knows for sure. All I know is that every single iota of a moment is made of love.

Love expands, love brings peace, love shows the way. Love has captured the essence of mankind's quest for something better. The shortest distance between 2 objects is love – in fact there is no distance. Distance melts away in the shyness of a violet that sways in the wind. Brief is life, but love is long, says Tennyson.

In order for love to be transferred, it needs action. You can give or receive. Every moment you are doing that. Right now when I'm typing this snippet, I'm receiving love from the universe and the end result is that I have shared some love amongst you – the readers. Love is that uppermost feeling when you are one with God.

There are no gradations of love. Either you feel it or you don't. It's that uppermost feeling of elation that can surpass a barrel full of marijuana. It's bliss. Forgotten and connecting at times. Love heals. Love tends to bring people together – into the one truth that we only need to know. Love exists in an always on status. Take as much as you want. Give as much as you can.

Trust in your heart, you'll never go wrong …



Monday, December 13, 2010

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. True indeed. In life we encounter challenges. Some of them perk us up, some of them seems outright horrendous. The person who faces all of this in equanimity is worth his salt. Do not get fettered by tough situations. Anyone who does not lose his composure and treats this as God's test, will do well.

No matter what the outcome is – one should always strive to do his / her best. When we are in the mode of working, all the forces of nature gather by us. And viola, we get completed work. Work no matter what it is, needs to get done and that too properly. There are different ways of doing the same thing. The smart person chooses the most effective way of doing it.

Sometimes this is also what an Optimizer does. For e.g. The Oracle database optimizer is cost based, which means it works with the most cost effective option. This in Oracle's lingo means that the shortest path or the fastest path is the chosen way. Earlier, we used to have rule based optimizers, where you could give hints to the optimizer itself. But gone are those days, today Oracle does not take any outside help to arrive at an optimum execution plan.

Work should be carried out in a detached fashion. In the sense, not focussing on the outcome. Work should be done for work's sake. Simply melt into it. Get into the grind. When we come out, we will be better people. For having learnt the greatness of work. There is no other teacher except for our work experience. Learn from it. Make a mistake. Do not repeat it.

Form your set of values from what you go thru and not what you know, as in general knowledge.



Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Live Life, King Size

Your time is going to come. There is just one thing that is asked of you. Have a little patience. It's coming your way. Never doubt miracles. They happen every minute. Never doubt divine justice. It's fair and works for everyone. Give up suspicion. Give up rancour and any such feeling that might agitate you, so much so that your daily work gets hampered.

Never give up on values. Believe in principle centred leadership. The policies and procedures that have been enacted at the top is a 'just' one. However hard the situation is, the divine law works in the same way. Thank him everyday for the opportunity that he has given you to keep smelling the roses. Not once, many times.

There are no contradictions in nature. They only exist within our minds. Do not judge people, because they come in various forms and shapes. See the intent and behind the intent if you see a powerful base, that man is speaking from a value set. And if it is conducive, respect him. Spur him on. Join hands with him.

Give a few. Take a few. This is a worldly way. But don't lose yourself in this exchange. Stay aloof, at the same time play the game. Lots of fun. Lots of feelings. Out of the multi-verse, access a few things that you will need and the remaining treasure trove is all for yourself to keep. Take good care of this. Because somebody else may have more jewels in his.

Live life, King Size.