Thursday, May 31, 2012

The power of Silence

Silence is golden. Yeah, its true. The universe is made up of 99.99% space. Void. Within each of us is a tremendous amount of force pervading as Silence. Once we learn to unlock this force, we become human in the right sense of the word. From a world of thoughts to thoughtlessness. A step that is worth its while. We must  all transcend this chattering mind and enter the realm of thoughtlessness or Silence. Absolutely. There is just one type of Silence in this world. And in case you ever wondered, what the first word was – it was Silence. We have all experienced it. But then we return back to the world of humdrum. Because we have a schizophrenic in each one of us. One living in the noisy world and the other in the reams of the world of Silence.

What do you think most people are looking for? Goals, Plans, Targets all are worthless, if we don’t encounter and enhance the other side of our personality. Learning to live in Silence. Meditate a little, because that brings us closer to our real goal. This goal of experiencing the absolute is the true goal for which we must strive. Great  saints and gurus gave up the material world seeking the truth. I’m not saying we do that. We can very well find the absolute in the midst of madness, that is this world. And once we have found it, it’s like a drug. The more you want it to last. But unlike drugs, this addiction is good. The more we enter the gap, the more we become centered. Because in the end, life is like this circle which never ends. Hence we have to find the center.

So what is the big deal about Silence? Well, for one, we are lost without it. The answer to all our innumerable questions lies in this center. The decisions which results in rights and wrongs are, when we are moving n the circle. When we are centered, all our decisions are right. In fact, there is nothing in this universe that we cannot achieve, after centering ourselves. So great is this thing that all that the great  people have written about, is to identify this powerhouse. Once you enter it and shed your dichotomy you will just have a single personality. The silent, ever at peace, always satisfied and happy, spinning the web of joy, for self and others, the one and only – you.

Now how do we do this? Here’s a tip. Watch your thoughts as they rummage in your brain. Just watch. Don’t judge. Once we practice this art, we will very soon realize that what we are made up of, is not these silly thoughts, that portray as important, but a deep meditative Silence, within each one of us. And that is where all the answers lie. We don’t come to this earth to learn. All that learning is there in the midst of this great Silence. We just have to reconnect. Unlike a website wherein, if the page is not found, we get a HTTP:404 error, this website is never out of pages. All that has ever been conceived or will ever be conceived, is lying right there. There is also an alias for this site. Yes you guessed it right. God.



Monday, May 21, 2012

Never give up

In life there are two things you got to follow: First, never give up. Second, never give up. Maybe today was not the day for you, as you intended it to be. There is always a morrow that you can hope for. To make your dreams come true, to lift you up to the seventh heaven and to bask you in the glory of the sunshine, you have to learn to wait. But, hustle while you do. Have you noticed, all days are not the same. You have to believe in yourself first. And be with people who believe in you. Just keep in check your anger. There is not a greater enemy than that. Your only defense against this emotion is you, yourself. Enjoy the ride. Every moment of it.

You see, life is like a game of cards. You don’t know on a particular day, which cards would be dealt. But whether you get a full hand or not, you must  play to the best of your ability. That is all that is asked of you. The day you decide not to play is alright, if you want to take a break. But you must come back and learn the game. Play as hard or as best as you can. Then go home. Get yourself a good night’s sleep and come back to play again. Life is not an impossible game. We can all learn it. But we must first get in the mood. By that I mean that we must get ready, by first negating our negative qualities, and then emphasizing the positive. Bring the best of our qualities to the table and then play.

If you feel like quitting, that decision will haunt you for the rest of your life. So don’t. Unlike an airplane, where you get to see the clouds only out of the window, this game is like a train ride. We get to enjoy the scenery. Now it is entirely up to us. We can be morose that things are not going well. Look at what is going for you. Never focus on the negative. There are so many things about life that we need to be thankful about, the little nuisances seem just small. For example, you have good health on your side. A healthy body and a healthy mind. Thank God for that and move on. Never squander time. I know we all have sometime or the other. But realize that time is our best friend. So utilize it most appropriately.

The whole world is yours. In fact, the whole universe. Claim it through earned work. It doesn’t matter what type of work. But something within us which we are made to manifest. Discover that and then life will be a fun ride. Play to your fill. There is no limit. This game never gets over. We are like a wave of the mighty ocean. Be the biggest wave that the surfer will never stop talking about. Leave a legacy. That’s what you are here for. If not the whole world, at least we should make a difference to one person. Touch someone somewhere. With all your best wishes and blessings. And it will come back to you, ‘cause it always does. So remember to spread your joy to others, and most of all, never give up.



Saturday, May 19, 2012

What will Facebook do?

So finally Facebook is listed. Despite ambitious expectations on the first day, the stock managed to cruise safely at the offer price of $38. It did touch a high of $45, but that was momentary. Now all eyes are on this great company. What are they going to do in the future? For the latecomers here’s some news. Facebook just bought Karma, a company which helps Facebook friends to gift each other.

You may recall that Facebook bought Instagram (a photo retouching company) for an astronomical 1 billion dollars. Now photo sharing on Facebook won’t be the same. Facebook is valued over 100 billion dollars. Facebook is not just a website. Its a phenomenon.  A social networking giant. It has a user base of 900 million users all over the world.

There are many positive things that can happen in the future for this company if they play their cards right. For example, mobile advertising (without intruding too much like MySpace) is ready to take off. Facebook can do a lot here. I’m talking about revenue. The stock holders are eagerly awaiting to make money on this one.

Another idea could be an ebay like facility on Facebook. This would turn it into a retailer. What goes for this company is their established user base. The reach to be more specific. It’s high time that Facebook looks seriously at some revenue streams, as they are answerable to each stock holder. Facebook can also look at becoming a cloud contender, like Amazon.

There are many ideas out there, and Facebook should move in fast. That’s the only way that investors would stay put. Dorm days are over. Welcome to the real world.



Sunday, May 13, 2012

Waiting for you

In my eyes, I have seen
The worlds and the ones between
My words in galaxies far away
But for you it’s nothing but a play.

I have yearned like no one else
To be with you like everyone tells
Sick and tired of daily chores
Waiting to witness your shores.

Wherever I see, I see you
In those mountains and the dew
In the sky shown as a ring
Where people assemble to sing.

And in the lashes of those waves
Deep inside the ocean caves
I know you wait for me just like I for you
As ages go by bringing in the new

One day I know you shall be mine
First in the queue of the endless line
And in your heart I want to witness it all
The beginning and the end of my soul


The thing about poetry

Whether it’s Chuang-tzu or Yeats, poetry touches us in a soft spot. There is something magical about it. Yes, poetry is feminine. That’s why. It’s luscious, it’s dazzling and close to our heart. Poetry comes from the innards of our soul. Hence it touches us in a mysterious way.  This whole universe humming away in the distance is nothing but the poem of God – the one and only, that is.

Nowadays I hear that there are software programs in the market which create poetry. Fancy that. Is it real poetry or some juxtaposition of words, because for poetry to arise, it has to come from a feeling. Do machines feel? To the best of my knowledge, they don’t. Then how can they nuance the subtlety of such a thing as a poem? Well they don’t! They just copy styles of great poets.

And I guess anybody can do that. Are we really losing touch? In the future, if a machine passes the Turing test for a poetry, can we say that it also feels? Obviously, it doesn’t. But here’s the real test. If you read a poem and it touches you, then no matter, whether a machine or a human wrote it, it’s worth the commendation.  So let’s welcome these new people on board.

Now what about prose? That is more easier to write as it is flowing sequentially. Prose is masculine, hence it is more logical. However, that does not mean that prose can’t touch us. We can be moved after reading, say a novel. Be it fiction or non-fiction. Note that prose has the ability to paint a picture as it chugs along. Whereas poetry is more direct.

While we may have to read an entire set of 400 pages of prose to get the idea, poetry can be succinct. And still convey the same that a novel did. But it is not easy to write a feeling. Fine you have a feeling, how do you put them into words? Because words are just approximates. So the best you can do is whip up a fairly accurate description of your feeling. Wish we had a machine which could capture feelings.

And on and on it goes, but one thing is for sure. If there’s anything that makes us special, it’s our feelings and nobody can snatch that away from us. That is, till death do we part.

Wishes and Love


Saturday, May 12, 2012

The power of integrity

Be very clear about the decisions you make on your path of life. If you don’t make the right ones, some of them may come to haunt you. Do not go on the wrong route. You will fall short of a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t matter whether you sleep on a feather bed or an iron mat, as long as you get sleep, without taking pills. Lead an upright life. Be honest in your dealings. Money that comes out of sweat is earned money. By that I mean, what is rightfully, yours.

Do not worry about the millionaire next door. It really doesn’t matter whether you make a million or a billion. Aim for it, if you want to, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t make it. Instead, aim for good health and a good reputation. All your life’s work may be endangered by one foolish move. Hence be clear. Live a principled life. Do not get lost in the worldly rhythm which like the disco lights can blind you. Never compromise your integrity.

It’s quite simple. You will get what you have worked for. Beyond the rulings of the courts, there is a bigger court up there, where the justice is just. God knows every single thing about you. You just can’t hide away from the unpleasant aspects of your life. Try to forget it. And start a new life, if you have gone astray.  We get many chances in this life. God has given us wisdom to choose the right ones. Yonder you go to the higher worlds or the lower realms, depending on how you live your life.

You came empty handed to this world and you will go empty handed. This is the irony of life. No amount of possessions that you hoard will come with you. You simply have to leave them behind. Work you must, but do not worry (anxiety) about the results. If you are destined to get the result, you will. Nothing in this universe will stop it. But learn to persevere. Be with like-minded people. Do not cheat or betray. Limit your desires and most of all don’t worry. Be happy.

And be true to yourself, always.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Can we become immortal with technology ?

Can technology provide us the answer to most of our questions? I’m sure it can. For this we just have to look at the history of the evolution of technology. Where were we, in Circa 1993, and where are we today. The Web Browser in the form of Netscape (Mosaic to be more precise) had revolutionized the way we would access the internet. Today we have apps. While the web browsers were generic in nature, the apps are more specific.

Now, where are we going with this? Google has just got clearance to test the driverless vehicle in Nevada. If this succeeds, which I’m sure it will, the next generation of cab drivers would be headless. By that I mean no cab drivers. Further, our own cars would be on automatic. Which means while we read the paper in the back, the car will navigate us to a place we want to reach. It may seem odd, for a while, but we will get used to it.

Computers are getting more intelligent (if I may use that word). While our brain is a massively parallel processing unit, computers are essentially reaching there with neural nets. The place where they beat the human brain is in the calculations per second. While a PC today can do billions of calculations per second, the human brain crawls at 200 calculations per second. Maybe evolution did not destine us to calculate. And maybe, that’s the reason why we invented computers. But now they are expanding their reach into image processing, language understanding, the arts and the like.

Techno-evangelists like Ray Kurzweil predict that by the year 2019 we will have a 1000$ computer to match our brain. And that is 100% of our brain (You may reminisce that we don’t use 95% or more of our brains in a lifetime) Seems challenging, doesn’t it. Now most of these computers would be put to good use. They will be smart enough to be our assistants and would carry out things without much fuss. We are already aware of personal assistants like Siri (Apple) and Majel (Android). Now imagine them with the smarts.

Advancement in medical technology like nanobots (to clean up the blood stream) and noninvasive jabs are already here. Robots are creating other robots in Japanese factories. New virtual reality glasses have just been released. Hardware manufacturing will utilize the third layer (height) to create complicated, interleaved chips. What about DNA and Quantum computing? Well, research is on its way. I think we should have a demonstrable prototype by 2020.

What about Spirituality? Well, some scientists agree to the fact that there is a spiritual spot in the brain, tickling which, we may be able to experience what we do while meditating. Sounds like a shortcut, doesn’t it?  Death itself will be delayed by so many life enhancing drugs and other contraptions. But will we ever be able to transcend death with the help of technology? You tell me.

Best Regards,


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The miracle of faith

Faith keeps us going on. It empowers us to do things miraculous. Faith without action is a delusion. So is action without faith. When we believe in something deeply, we open mysterious doors of spiritual energy. These help us to achieve what we believe in. When everyone’s is looking right, it’s the belief that we have which makes us look left. Despite anything, I mean hindrances, we step forward. Maybe inch by inch, but we do move forward in that direction. To each according to his faith. You may remember the saying, sounds true always. Even Jesus told his followers to have faith, you recall. Well, faith is not magic. It’s a human thing. Animals don’t have it, but we do. And we have to put it to good use.

Faith never doubts. Despite trials and tribulations, faith endures. Faith makes us choose the long road over the short one. When everything else fails, it’s faith that shows us the way. Believe. And you will be able to fly or  walk on water. You have to believe without any riders. That’s the catch. Just trust yourself to do it. Live like you are going  to die the next second. Pour in oodles of faith over your actions. Keep pouring, till it overflows. And you notice nothing but your way. Because that is all there is. A path that beckons you to walk over it. Millions of times. And that is the right path, because your faith says so. Other people may scoff at you, but don’t listen. You are on your way. And the way is what matters.

However, faith without plans is like a map without directions or stop-overs. Once you know where your faith lies, please make clear cut plans. Here there is no Plan B. All you have is chances, but the plan does not change. Because, if it does, it means you don’t believe. Rest if you must, but don’t you quit. And one day the doors shall open. Live in earnest to witness this day. That will be your D-day and not death. You have to see your wishes coming true (by wishes I mean what you believe in and not the day dreamy  ones) and undergo the experience of the manifestation of your faith, however mundane or great it may be. But you would have lived your life, my dear friend, and that is exactly the reason why you are here.

To discover yourself. Yes. And the day you do that, you will get a peaceful sleep like never before. A life well lived is a life worth living. Hence we have to be very cautious when we walk the path that we propose to. Lest that it may hurt others. Do not stumble, anyway. The joy is in the ride not the destination. The destination is ‘a-ha’, but the ride you must enjoy. And on this path, make sure that you don’t trample on other people’s path. Do not cross their paths also. Every single being has his own journey. We are all support structures to that individual. You and your way. Discover it. Enjoy it. Feel it deep within. Because if you don’t have something to look forward to, it’s a pity. So live life like a king. Believe and Achieve.

To your success.


Friday, May 04, 2012

The real meaning of ‘Work’

Work is not a 9 to 5 thing. Whether you are working from home or office, what you need to know is this: give full attention to your work. Do not be led away by distractions. Some people think that they have to put up with a lot of thrash while working. Well, here’s the deal. Whatever has been assigned to you or whatever it is that you have chosen to do, give it your best, without thinking about the nature of work. The results will automatically come. Learn to wait. Do not spend too much time on the grapevine. Rumormongers will be everywhere. Or those who give genuine news also. But stay put. Your work is more important than listening to some things that scatter your attention. (unless of course your job involves the media)

Let me tell you more about news. Some time back my daughter was travelling in a school bus and the driver took a sharp turn as a result of which there was some commotion inside the bus. And the next day newspapers painted this as an accident, saying that students were injured, while nothing like that happened. So much for the media. I’m not saying that all media news is false. But they have a habit of conveying stories. Real good ones. So don’t get over bowled when you read the newspaper tomorrow. Yes, we should be concerned. But don’t attach your emotions to it. Be rational. People display quality when they think first and then act. Notice that your actions are a result of your thoughts. Well thought, well done !

If you ask me, work is the only friend that you have. It doesn’t matter what type of work you do. Maybe you are a CEO of a great company or the telephone operator. What matters is the sincerity you give to your work. Once again, do not let your emotions interfere with your work. You know your target, now go for it. You may gain or lose friends, but the work that you do is your track record. It will always follow you. If you are frustrated with your work, ask yourself this question “Is my heart, where my work is?”. If the answer is no, consider easing yourself into the kind of work that you enjoy. Don’t tell me that you don’t like anything. There’s something that you are born with. Identify it. Give it a go. And be happy.

Yes, you have a right to be happy. This must be on the top of your list. Work will give you the most happiness that won’t be available from anything else. Work with passion. Don’t overdo it. Learn to be medium, not mediocre. By that I mean do not skip sleep, good food etc. Work will give you wisdom. Not just about the world. But about yourself. The innermost you, can be discovered through work well done. Maybe there are mistakes, after all who doesn’t make mistakes? But remember, the more practice you do, the more perfect you get till you come to a stage that perfection becomes secondary to you. There are many ways to realize the God within yourself. One guaranteed way is work. Trust me.

To your best,


Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Bhagvad Gita–Chapter 18–Final Words

gita-135Arjuna asks Lord  SriKrishna : “What is the difference between renunciation and the renounced order of life." And Lord SriKrishna replies thus: Giving up activities that are based on material desire is called the renounced order of life (Sanyaasa) and giving up results of material activity is called renunciation (Tyaaga) Renunciation is of three kinds. sacrifice, charity and austerity. And they are not to be given up. However, these actions should be performed without attachment to results. They should be performed as  duty. And that is my opinion. One must never abandon duties prescribed to him/her. Anyone who gives  up his activities because of illusion, then he/she is in a mode of ignorance. One who gives up because of physical inconvenience is in the mode of passion. One who performs his/her duty with a sense of obligation renouncing all attachment for it and its results is said to be in a mode of goodness.

Those who have not renounced,  face the tree fruits of their actions after death – evil, good and mixed. But those who have renounced have no results to suffer or enjoy. According to Vedanta, there are five causes for the achievement of all action. They are the place of action (body), the performer, the various senses, the different endeavors and the Supersoul. Any action that a man performs by mind, body or speech is a result of these five factors. Therefore, without considering the five factors, a person cannot become a doer. A person liberated from false ego and whose intelligence is not bound, he/she is not bound by action.  What motivates action is – the senses, the object and the agent.  According to the three modes of nature (gunas) there are three kinds of knowledge, action and the doer.

There are also different kinds of intellect and determination as per the three modes of nature. There are three kinds of happiness that conditioned souls enjoy, depending on their modes. (rajasic, tamasic or sattvic) The duties of various people (Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaishnavas, Shudras) are categorized according to the material modes that arise from their nature. By properly performing one’s duty, everyone attains perfection. One can attain perfection by worshipping God, who is the source of all beings. It is better to perform one's duty , even imperfectly, than to perform somebody else’s duty. By performing one’s duty, as prescribed by his nature, one does not incur sin.

All work is mired by some defects, like there is smoke where there is fire. A person can attain the supreme state of freedom from karma by self-control, detachment and disregard for material pleasures by practicing renunciation. By disciplining  oneself through intelligence, by controlling the mind with determination, controlling one’s speech, body and mind, being detached, by forsaking egotism, force, arrogance, lust, anger and possessions, one is fit for Brahman realization. One who has realized Brahman, is content, neither hankers nor laments, who is impartial towards all, attains transcendental devotion to me. Only through such devotion, one can understand me as the Godhead.

Surrender unto me in all activities and endeavors. Under my protection and power, always think of me. If you fix your thoughts on me, instead of egotism, you will conquer all your problems. God resides in the hearts of all beings, directing their wanderings by the magical power of Maya, on which they are seated, like a machine. Surrender to me completely and you will attain absolute peace and eternal abode.

I have explained to you the knowledge that is most confidential. Meditate on it. I have said what is the best for you. Fix your mind on me. Be my devotee. Sacrifice for me. Offer obeisance to me. In this way you will surely come to me. I promise you this because you are my dear friend. Take exclusive refuge in me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear. This should never be explained to people who do not wish to hear it. One who explains these secrets to my devotees engages in the highest devotion to me. He/She will undoubtedly come to me. No one in this world will be dearer to me than my devotee. It is my belief that whoever studies this sacred dialogue of ours worships me through his/her intellect. Even one who merely listens to this conversation with faith, devoid of envy, will attain the auspicious worlds.

So Arjuna, has your ignorance and delusion been removed?

Arjuna with folded hands, told the Lord that it has.

Sanjaya who was witnessing all this says that the amazing form of Lord SriKrishna is wonderful and a delight to remember.

Always …