Friday, May 04, 2012

The real meaning of ‘Work’

Work is not a 9 to 5 thing. Whether you are working from home or office, what you need to know is this: give full attention to your work. Do not be led away by distractions. Some people think that they have to put up with a lot of thrash while working. Well, here’s the deal. Whatever has been assigned to you or whatever it is that you have chosen to do, give it your best, without thinking about the nature of work. The results will automatically come. Learn to wait. Do not spend too much time on the grapevine. Rumormongers will be everywhere. Or those who give genuine news also. But stay put. Your work is more important than listening to some things that scatter your attention. (unless of course your job involves the media)

Let me tell you more about news. Some time back my daughter was travelling in a school bus and the driver took a sharp turn as a result of which there was some commotion inside the bus. And the next day newspapers painted this as an accident, saying that students were injured, while nothing like that happened. So much for the media. I’m not saying that all media news is false. But they have a habit of conveying stories. Real good ones. So don’t get over bowled when you read the newspaper tomorrow. Yes, we should be concerned. But don’t attach your emotions to it. Be rational. People display quality when they think first and then act. Notice that your actions are a result of your thoughts. Well thought, well done !

If you ask me, work is the only friend that you have. It doesn’t matter what type of work you do. Maybe you are a CEO of a great company or the telephone operator. What matters is the sincerity you give to your work. Once again, do not let your emotions interfere with your work. You know your target, now go for it. You may gain or lose friends, but the work that you do is your track record. It will always follow you. If you are frustrated with your work, ask yourself this question “Is my heart, where my work is?”. If the answer is no, consider easing yourself into the kind of work that you enjoy. Don’t tell me that you don’t like anything. There’s something that you are born with. Identify it. Give it a go. And be happy.

Yes, you have a right to be happy. This must be on the top of your list. Work will give you the most happiness that won’t be available from anything else. Work with passion. Don’t overdo it. Learn to be medium, not mediocre. By that I mean do not skip sleep, good food etc. Work will give you wisdom. Not just about the world. But about yourself. The innermost you, can be discovered through work well done. Maybe there are mistakes, after all who doesn’t make mistakes? But remember, the more practice you do, the more perfect you get till you come to a stage that perfection becomes secondary to you. There are many ways to realize the God within yourself. One guaranteed way is work. Trust me.

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