Sunday, November 22, 2009

Till death do us part ...

Learn the language of the heart. What is true is like light. Pure and full by itself. Never doubting itself because it does not know the negative. When what we fear is nought we become one with the light. In this life which is a short time consider that all your wishes will be fulfilled, no matter whatever negative stories that you hear but always remember to hope for the positive. Because this hope will carry you far.

In God's realm we are all his children, friend, or whatever way we chose to be. Aim for the long road. Because that's the road worth taking. It will take you towards the path that other people have walked – the right path. Protect yourself from the temptations as they are nothing but time guzzlers and worst of all they don't lead us anywhere towards the truth.

Believe in his will, in his mercy and a heart that cries with anguish is a heart that has been heard. Forgive but don't forget. The latter because you may have to face a similar situation. You may fall down in a fight. But get up and fight again till you don't get exhausted. Life is a gift. It is to be lived in the right spirit. Choose things with care – especially friends. You were meant to be free, like that albatross which circles the ship in mid sea because it knows there is nowhere else to go.

So get up and claim what is rightfully yours. And soon you will find that nothing belongs to you – not even yourself. Everything is God given. We are just trustees of this body, of these emotions, of these thoughts and of this soul. Treat it with care and love. Because you never know when the gates of heavens will open and embrace you for just that time which some call death. Celebration day.



Monday, November 02, 2009

Does Obama deserve the Nobel Prize for Peace

Does Obama deserve the Nobel Prize? I say he does.

You measure a man not by results, but by intentions. And I believe they are noble. Results are not in ones hands. It's God given. We have a right to work but not to its fruits. That part is awarded by God. This whole system of measuring everything as per output is a little skewed. Let me give you an example:

2 colleagues (let's say Sales managers) given a target of 1 million to be achieved within a year's time. Let's say that 1 accomplishes it and the second person doesn't. Logically speaking the person who achieved the target should be paid more than the one who didn't. And so goes the rewarding system. For a moment you consider the time that both of them spent and find that both of them have worked equally hard. But digging deeper you find that the area where the sales manager who didn't accomplish the target was a victim of a cyclone and hence the inventory in that place got damaged. Further replacements had to be made, and new orders were hard to come by. This is a fictitious example.

But the same thing applies to Obama. Whether the middle east crisis will get solved or the dollar will appreciate – nothing is in our hands. We can just try.

And that's what this man is trying to do.

Failure is not an option some say. Wish it was true always.

In whichever case, you don't have to win a race. Just participate. Try winning definitely, but even if you don't, you are a winner in God's eyes.

Cheers always,