Monday, January 30, 2012

A good dose of Self Esteem

Self Esteem is not to be confused with over confidence. A healthy dose of the ego is vital for survival. What self esteem means is approval of the self. We know that we are a worthy human being. Like I heard in a song ‘I also have a role to play’. I think it was Tom Petty. Another aspect of self esteem is to treat all people as equal, with due respect wherever it is to be shown.

Whereas over confidence is when a person believes that he is God’s gift to mankind. Confidence is self esteem, mind you not lower or higher, but just enough to lead a balanced life. Over confidence is not good in the long run. You can believe that you are the best, but it is relative. There are many bests around, and the next Johnny best is just around the corner.

Under confidence or low self esteem if I may call that can also prove detrimental. To the whole well being. Situated in this position, we view everything thing from a lens of doubt and suspicion. It’s almost like a psychological affliction, except for the fact that where you draw the line is not clear. There are many ways we can cure ourselves of this setback. One is affirmations.

Overall a good self esteem or I would just use the term self esteem can easily raft us across this journey called life. We learn to control ourselves, respect people and generally contribute to the welfare of mankind. We need to analyze ourselves and accept where we are and work towards the normal. Remember what Lord Krishna says in the Bhagvad Gita – the key word ‘moderation’ – in everything. The middle path is the best. Avoid the extremes.

To your success …


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thus we come and thus we go. In memories forever.

Memories are treasures as long as they are positive. Bad ones leave an acidic taste in the mouth when we reminisce them. We should manage our memory stores like we manage our Picture Albums. The good ones are always in the front. As far as others are concerned, we either delete them or file them away into long term memory (the subconscious).

Like we can manipulate a photo album, we should be able to manage our memories. How do we do that? It’s quite simple. Think of the lasting ones which bring you joy, very often. This will ensure that our best memories always pop up when we need them, especially to bolster our mood. You really don’t need an upper or a mood booster to do that.

The other tool we have is good diet. Eat memory enhancers like ginseng, vacha, brahmi, shankapushpi etc. Ginseng is a Chinese herbal supplement while the others are Indian ones. Drink a lot of water. It keeps our brain wet, and we tend to think better and faster. Train your memory every day. Learn to bring the happy ones in the forefront. Think of them as often as you can.

Good memory puts us in a good mood. So think hard about all those nostalgic moments you felt elated and recollect them whenever you can. When faced with a bad memory in the mind, switch to the good ones. We can easily do this. All we need to do is recall the positive ones. Make sure that you don’t drift away into the forbidden territory. Day dreaming about wishes and recollection of good memory, that’s what we need on a recurring basis, to enjoy the abundance called life.

To your great recall ...


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3 steps to happiness

You will be surprised if you find out the power within you with which you can do incredible things. Don’t look for miracles outside. The greatest miracle is you. But the only rider is that you have to put effort to find yourself - that inner power horse. All your dreams, wishes and other things you fancy are within your reach. Only you can help yourself.

Of course, there will be others who can give you a hand along your journey. But in this story, you are the director, producer, actor, cameraman and all support people. So steer your life towards by taking the first step. Change your attitude towards life. You see, there is plenty for everybody. So to start with have an abundance mind set.

Second, once you have wished away what you desire to have, work towards it. You will not get it if you just sit in one place. You have to rock and roll. As you know, a rolling stone never gathers moss. So plan it out, plug in some time management and proceed ahead. The magic word here is discipline. Work towards your goal in a systematic manner.

Third and most important, do not get unnerved by setbacks. Some days are going to be great and others not so good. You have to stick around, despite anything. When you are in doubt remember your goal. You can adjust the dreams as you go along, but enjoy the journey. Take at least one learning from each day. Grow into a rock solid positive character that will figure in the annals of mankind.

Always wishing you well …


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If you build it, they will come

If you build it they will come is a proverbial saying. It’s not entirely true. In today’s world, you require a strong dose of marketing which can wrap up the story. Imagine going to a movie with lots of special effects but no storyline. Chances are you won’t like it. Story telling is an art that needs to be learned by everyone in a movie. A moving storyline is essential for a movie to succeed.

Envisage that you are a great programmer who has written a killer application. Well, unless you tell the world about it, chances are you won’t be found. And all your lines of coding glory can stay put to yourself. But if your content is strong and you do the requisite marketing (maybe word of mouth) you will find yourself noticed. Sitting in one place hoping that people would find you will not work.

While content is for everybody to judge, the marketing can sometimes mangle the meaning of the content. Marketing is selective like statistics. If you tell someone that your bookstore had 100% sales of a particular book, it depends on how many books you had stocked. If it was just 2 books that you sold from your whole inventory, 100% is too low. But look at the marketing message - 100% sales which is misleading.

That is the reason we have to ethically market ourselves. We should never forget the products message as to what it stands for. The same picture maybe in a more crisp way should be presented to the consumers. Good Plot + Ethical Marketing = Success (mostly). There can be competition also. But having 1000 versions of a chess application only confuses the customer. Hence have USP, (Unique Selling Point) always. Not just from the marketing perspective, but the plot too.

All the best.


Friday, January 06, 2012

Top ten predictions for 2012

Top ten predictions for 2012

1) No. The world is not going to end on Dec 21, 2012. (The Mayan calendar ends on this date)
2) There is a new level of awakening among people. Consider this trend to increase.
3) As debt levels across the world increase, there will be more focus on austerity.
4) It’s not just Europe or the US, even Asia will be affected a lot if the Euro crumbles.
5) Oil prices to rise on account of unrest in Middle East.
6) Gold is on its way down this year after having a successful rally for the last 11 years.
7) Stocks to become more attractive as the markets will correct up to 25%, if not more.
8) Technology to see a rise in adoption of Cloud Computing, Business Analytics and mobiles/tablets.
9) The rise of Artificial Intelligence will be visible in some of the solutions like speech, backend automation etc.
10) Not a growth year. This is the year of the great correction.

Now that the reading is on the wall, here’s what I have to say. This is the year of planning. Plan out your life in detail, and take action. Include a lot of feel good points also. Be prudent with your finances. Expand on social circles and keep yourself strongly planted onto your career. Get to know yourself better and also start or continue deeply your romance with

Best Wishes