Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3 steps to happiness

You will be surprised if you find out the power within you with which you can do incredible things. Don’t look for miracles outside. The greatest miracle is you. But the only rider is that you have to put effort to find yourself - that inner power horse. All your dreams, wishes and other things you fancy are within your reach. Only you can help yourself.

Of course, there will be others who can give you a hand along your journey. But in this story, you are the director, producer, actor, cameraman and all support people. So steer your life towards by taking the first step. Change your attitude towards life. You see, there is plenty for everybody. So to start with have an abundance mind set.

Second, once you have wished away what you desire to have, work towards it. You will not get it if you just sit in one place. You have to rock and roll. As you know, a rolling stone never gathers moss. So plan it out, plug in some time management and proceed ahead. The magic word here is discipline. Work towards your goal in a systematic manner.

Third and most important, do not get unnerved by setbacks. Some days are going to be great and others not so good. You have to stick around, despite anything. When you are in doubt remember your goal. You can adjust the dreams as you go along, but enjoy the journey. Take at least one learning from each day. Grow into a rock solid positive character that will figure in the annals of mankind.

Always wishing you well …


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