Friday, August 20, 2010

Stay happy always

In the modern world, how do we get enlightened? Let's focus on what this term means. For some it may be synonymous with success. But how do you define success? For most of the materialistic crowd, it's the first million. And when the bounty increases, you become more successful. Here's my definition of success – If you have achieved happiness in this life, you have been successful.

You really don't have to be very materialistic. Remember, happiness is a positive emotion. It sticks to you whatever you do. Once achieved, you can focus towards noble goals. For e.g. By helping somebody. And happiness is a state of mind. Adding a dimension of spirituality always helps. In order to be a complete individual we need to balance between our physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Once we strike the right balance, we see that abundance fills our life. We become like a radio station transmitting a positive vibrant message. It's quite infectious in nature. But the moment you spread this happiness to others, your happiness grows automatically. For the yuppies, it's a win-win situation. What more do you want out of life? God has made us to be happy. We get entangled in the soap opera called the world, and start getting worried. Worry is one bad thing, that strays us from the original goal.

In computing also, a machine which is utilized fully, is a happy machine. Do machines feel happiness? Of course not. The people who use these machines become more productive and it automatically leads to happiness. In this sense, virtualization brings happiness. Social sharing brings happiness. Anti-virus programs help us achieve happiness. And most of all, watching those videos on Youtube can also be a cause of joy.

Stay happy. That is what God wants you to be.



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kulmair said...

Dear Rajesh,
Can a write something about finding a guru or a living master.
My journey has frequently come unstuck on the spiritual side and even tried to follow a guru but could not sustain it. Ironically, failure to make headway on the spiritual path keeps me restless and unhappy.