Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Life Studio

We use tools almost for everything, right from our cell phones to the screwdriver set. To manoeuvre us through this life also we require some DIY tools. There are four tools that we must definitely have in this toolbox. They are 1. Love 2. Humility 3. Thankfulness 4. Perseverance. The other tools that we can also use are humour, compassion, listening and joy.

Like we use IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to make our life easier, we must also possess the aforementioned tools in our IDE. We call this as the My Life IDE. Or better yet , My Life Studio. Like Visual Studio or Zend studio. Normally these Studios are a one stop shop for doing all possible kinds of development.

In an IDE we have the features of compilation, debugging and execution. The same holds good for our My Life Studio also. We should have a provision of translation, error correction and action. Of these the execution is the most important but has to come before translation to the target platform, which means adhering to the intended audience 's tastes and fixing any lacunas before we execute the plan.

In the same way, some of these Studio's can also incorporate the features of My Life Studio. For e.g. humour using some AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms, thankfulness based on error fixing counts and finally humility by letting the IDE talk to others in the market. If there is one issue today that we face in the computing industry, it is integration. Different systems work in different ways. Interoperability will be the new mantra. For the machine IDE's as well as the My Life Studio.

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