Sunday, August 29, 2010

The death of distance

If you think that distance makes the heart grow fonder, you may be right. From the days that a postal mail used to reach somebody after 4 days, we are in the era of email which takes seconds to reach the other person. The bandwidth issue is going to get better, with real time on the near horizon. But will this help?

This is a question that I have been asking myself for a long time. Real Time according to me is a pipedream. However fast the response may be there will always be an iota of seconds between the request and the response. For all practical purposes, in light of our limitations, we may reach that stage when we feel that real time is happening. Although, the right word is perceive not feel.

The heart is on an 'always on' connection. This very moment I'm typing this, the communication between other worlds and myself is 'on', although, I'm not able to perceive it through my mind. The mind has a limitation, whereas the heart doesn't. The mind is always moving, whereas the heart is stationary. Beyond the level of strings, we do not have an underlying unified theory.

With our mind, there is a limitation, because it knows atoms. The heart knows stories. That according to me is the major difference between the mind and the heart. To take it further, the mind also knows bits. Again deep down, they are particles. The heart works in the inverse way. From bottom up and manages to reach the top effortlessly in real time.

The heart is not limited by distance. With the mind, the thoughts can transcend distance, but still there is a time lag. We may reach the proportions of maybe 'Googol' level interactions, but the death of distance in its truest sense is the communication through the heart.

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