Monday, August 09, 2010

Get a grip

Has it ever happened to you that you were trying to say something and it just got off your mind? Has it ever happened to you that you were trying to say something but substituted it with something else? This happens quite frequently, with or without our knowledge. Words really cannot be a substitute to our experience.

And all experience is not necessarily spoken of or maybe remembered by the conscious mind. There are times when we try to string a sentence from words that we hardly knew to be our own. There are other times when words flow like a river, going on and on. Never stopping on the way and mounds of inspiration sometimes eggs us on.

In computer parlance, this is called caching – the latter phenomena of words flowing smoothly. Directly retrieving from the heart. Here the heart is the cache and the brain is the disk which is being cached. Although some of you may say that the heart knows everything that the brain doesn't. True. But this is just to illustrate a concept.

There is another concept of buffer overflow. This is the context of feelings overpowering words with something more meaningful. Although technically speaking, a buffer overflow is a type of error, used by malicious programs in a very deceptive way. It happens to some of us, when we are thinking of something and the emotions make us cry.

Let's get back to reality …


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