Friday, August 20, 2010

That special day

It's a festive season. Ramadan followed by Parsi New Year and now Onam and Raksha Bandhan is on way. What would life be without celebrating these special days? Each festival is unique in itself. There is a story behind each one of them. I'm not going to narrate the same, but in the bottom of my heart I celebrate all of them and wish my family and friends lots of joy.

Besides these days we also celebrate days like independence day, republic day (national days), fathers day, mothers day (family days) and of course the favourite birth day. Does a date mean so much that we cannot afford to miss it. There should be a way of celebrating the same on other days if we have missed the boat. Like belated birthdays.

In the computer world the most important day is the delivery day. This translates roughly to the date when promised work is delivered. These occur frequently. Depending on the methodology and type of project, we have different frequencies at which the delivery happens. Besides this, there is also the Go Live day and the RTM (Release to Manufacture) day.

Why do we have these days? Because without them life would be a monotonous drone. Imagine the impact of various days without plans. There will be nothing to look forward to. And after all we are a social bunch. We need to assemble together sometimes to have a bash. Share a gift. Some candies. Some decoration. Lots of wishes and friends and dear ones all around.

Party time. Enjoy …


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