Thursday, August 12, 2010

Don’t carry so much of baggage

As a sand dune moves in a desert storm, my thoughts rumble when things go out of control. But I have learnt to master the movement. When such thoughts strike me, I immediately run to God like a small child who is afraid to lose his best toy. And God the way he is, always lets me hide in the shadows and consoles me.

Then I realised this – there is nothing to lose or gain. Like energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. These are just passing moments. Like it's said in the Bible – 'And it came to pass'. All possessions and material gifts can't make us happy. The more the wealth, the more the worry. After all you have to manage it. This is a simple fact of life.

We can become a pauper from a king in the flash of a moment. And come to think about it – are we going to carry this all with us when we die? We have come empty handed here and will go back empty handed. The only thing that will stay with us will be the effects of our karma. As we sow, so shall we reap.

In this lifetime, we have to shed some light on the downtrodden. Now it doesn't matter if we do it through Twitter or a donation in kind. The fact is we have to help. At least one person if not the whole world. I had read a book sometime back about how we can be happy and the last law is to give it all away. We are like trustees – of wealth and good will. Let's put it to where and how it should be used. And maybe that will lighten our heart. A bit, perhaps.

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