Monday, August 30, 2010

Will you bet on the BloomBox

There is so much hype about the BloomBox from Bloom Energy who are slated to launch their product this Wednesday. Whether it will live up to it's expectations, only time will tell. But the idea is neat. Generating clean electricity from fuel cells seems to be a good bet but, whether it will take off in large numbers remains to be seen.

The BloomBox is essentially made of ceramic plates sandwiched by a sand like material. They claim to produce clean energy with this. The Bloom Energy Server is distinct in four primary ways: it uses lower cost materials, provides unmatched efficiency in converting fuel to electricity, has the ability to run on a wide range of renewable or traditional fuels, and is more easily deployed and maintained.

Unlike traditional renewable energy technologies, like solar and wind, which are intermittent,

Bloom's technology can provide renewable power 24/7. Each Bloom Energy Server provides 100 kilowatts (kW) of power in roughly the footprint of a parking space. Each system generates enough power to meet the needs of approximately 100 average U.S. homes or a small office building. For more power, customers simply deploy multiple Energy Servers side by side.

The list of investors include people like the CEO, S.R. Sridhar and the likes of Arnold Schwarzenneger and Colin Powell. Bloom has funding of 400 milllion USD and has been working on the concept for the last 8 years. If this takes off as a disruptive technology, it's going to sell like hot cakes and upset a lot of people.

May God Bless the World and the Bloom Box people. (Let's hope that it takes off)


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