Sunday, June 27, 2010

The importance of Time

In the stock market parlance, a dog is a stock which has no intrinsic value. In the same way our time also can be a dog if we waste it away. We have to be watchful in spending our time qualitatively in things that add value to us. In Stephen Covey's book, he writes about activities that we spend can be urgent or important. The former leads to stress and the later leads to health.

Some of the qualitative uses of time can be

  • Spend time with your spouse and kids
  • Read a good book
  • Solve a puzzle
  • Engage in useful hobbies

There are many. I'm not trying to teach time management lessons here. As a poet paraphrased it :

And the tender grace of the day that is dead

Will never come back to me.

---- Tennyson

Time is ruled by Saturn. He is a hard teacher. If you don't respect him, he will not, in return. Hence use your time wisely. The arrow of time always is pointed towards the future – a probabilistic future, not deterministic. Well it can be, after a particular level. But once you reach this level, time disappears. You find that eternity has always been, and always will.

Remember, sleep is essential. It is the time when higher intelligences get to do their work on you. There is no negative higher intelligence as portrayed in movies. In fact, some religions do not have a concept of hell. When the morning Sun spreads its first light to you, remember the angels have already blessed you with the task of the day.

All you need to do is go fulfil it.

Do not squander time. It's the only friend we have.



Monday, June 21, 2010

The song of my heart

I was listening to this beautiful song which says 'your eyes are so beautiful'. This is not a guy wooing a girl. This song can be thought of as your devotion to God or God singing this song for you. Let it be any song (be it pop, rock or hip-hop) ; the way I look at it is, from these two angles. The bond is for us to build. The more we view the songs from these perspectives, the closer we get to God.

I have said this umpteen times – listen to the song of the heart. You will find that it is the most natural way of living close to the infinite energy. As you get closer to God through various means you will realise that more happiness comes into your life. Go by your gut feel. It is the most primitive reaction, but is always right.

Trust me on this one. I'm having an online communion with God. He is tuned into our frequency for a full twenty-four by seven mode. Now we have to tune in into his frequency. Listen to that beat of the heart, which keeps twittering away words of wisdom. Do not try psychological actions. What comes from the brain is a little skewed.

Remember what Buddha said. We need to cross this samsara full of grief because of selfish desires. And remember that is the key. Have desires but don't let any selfishness come into the way. Be genuinely authentic in your conversation with others. Show them that you really care. Get out of the fire fighting mode. Be gentle on yourself. And then you will find how life is to be lived simply.



Saturday, June 19, 2010

The joy of love

It's so much fun to be around your loved ones especially when you come back from a vacation and meet them after a long time. There is a ghazal which says why is meeting followed by separation. The answer is plain simple. If there were no separation, we would not know the value of meetings. Such is life.

Imagine being hungry for 5 days and then suddenly you are offered a treat of your choice. Well, the food would taste better. Almost like heaven, although I haven't been there. For one, we know that our family matters to us more than anything else in this world. Strange, because just 10 years back, I did not have children. Today they are my biggest treasures.

Hope to inculcate good values to them and they should become contributors. Some people say that when they start doing that they become our children. I'm keeping my hopes on them. Althoough they are independent people , still some form of expectation always is there. My daughter if she wants to be an architect instead of a doctor then so be it.

We can just be their friends in this journey. We need to nurture them when they are small, but as soon as they become adults, we have got one more individual that can contribute to the betterment of society in large. Maybe they would hit the media circuit or maybe they will go unnoticed. What matters is that they would have helped at least one suffering soul by nursing them back to happiness.



Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Ancient Mariner

If you read the poem 'The Ancient Mariner' by S.T. Coleridge, then you would be amazed at the paradox of life. In this poem, there is a young sailor who shoots an albatross while at sail. This is a bad omen among the sailor folks. And natures wrath devours everyone except this sailor who had committed the mistake. He lives to tell the tale.

So what is the premise behind these happenings. Take software for example. It's a boon as well as a bane. Todays software is so easy to operate and use (user friendly) compared to their siblings a few years ago. At the same time the number of layers and a plethora of software talking to each other has increased. This dampens reliability. Again a paradox.

The best paradox containment in nature is portrayed by Heisenberg's uncertainity principle. Thus, if we know the position of a particle accurately, we will not know it's momentum and vice versa. Applying it to human nature, we cannot be both happy and sad at the same time. However the time taken to switch between the two modes will vary from individual to individual.

The deeper you get into a subject, the lesser you know that there is so much to know. In short before we come to an unsolvable equation like Fermat's last theorem, we need to know when to stop. Problem solving is always with respect to a view. And a view is a partial truth. It's like the soul and the supersoul. You can know the soul and by knowing that in truth, you will know the supersoul also.

Maybe one day …

For sure


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The case of the rebel

Ever heard of the story of clams who used to grab onto weeds whenever there was a strong current in the bottom of the sea that they were living in. Well there was one of them who let go when a strong current came, despite the other elder clams's advice.

That single clam let the current carry it away. At first, he felt that he would be banged against a rock and die. Maybe the other clams were right. But then gradually he got the feel of the current and started swimming along with it.

Some days later when the current came, all the clams grabbed hold of the weeds, as was the procedure. Suddenly they spotted their companion dancing in the currents above. They could not identify this creature and said to each other 'Look, there is an angel up there'.

This story is taken from Richard Bach's book Illusions. How profound and true. Succesful people don't let things happen to them. They go out and make things happen. So is the case of our rebellious clam. Those who dare to venture to shores further or in other words those who are willing to risk it, they only get rewarded. The negative side of the equation is that you may not really make it, but you will atleast have the spleen to say that you dared.

Success or Failure is not the matter. It is whether we have tried or not - In all moments of this awesome life. Go seize it. The time and the place is yours. Choose to be a rebel; a sensible one. Not for the sake of it; but for the very reason that you want more out of the mundane life that many people seem to lead.