Monday, July 24, 2006

Occult Sciences

Recently, one of my acquaintances told me that astrology is all cock and bull. Ditto with other occult sciences like Numerology and Palmistry. Now let me shed some light on these subjects, as I have been an ardent student of these subjects for some budding years of my life.

The premise behind all these sciences is to be forewarned or notified in advance the events that are most likely to happen in the future. Although a window to the past and present is also available through analysis, the fact remains that people are more concerned about the future. A metaphor would help: If it’s raining you can’t make the rain stop, but you can definitely carry an umbrella, if you were to know that it would rain.

It’s like Microsoft publishing a security bulletin letting us know that there are vulnerabilities that a hacker can spot and compromise the system. Watch out for those patches !!!

If you study the underlying theme among these subjects, you would find that they are all based on planetary influences. The obvious question that comes to anyone’s mind is how come the planets which are nothing but solids or gas balls affect us on our planet?

Once again the answer lies in mythology. According to this (Greek and Hindu), all the planets have rulers. These planet rulers are demi-gods. They cannot be perceived on a physical level. They are mind born. It’s like a program which uses library calls or API’s. You know they are there, although they are not fully visible in your program.

Know that mathematics which unites all these languages is God given. Why do I say that? Well, for the same reason that we believe in gravity. And more recently technology. Mathematics lies at the core of all the sciences and a field like Astrology is heavily dependent on the planetary positions at any point of time. Think about this: You know that the more the mass of an object, the more it attracts. In the same way, planets in conjunction (on one side our planet) pull together more than if they were say 90 degrees apart. Supplementary positions are called oppositions where they pull against each other. I think we can envisage this clearly. Numerlolgy is again math-driven. Ranging from the Kabalah (Jewish Branch) to the modernist versions, all depend on an ample supply of number combinations. You may be wondering, how does Palmistry fit into these state of affairs? Well for one thing , the lengths of lines, the distance between them are all numbers.

Enough about math, here’s the deal. Believing in these forces, makes us humble, to know that we are not always in control. Although free will has been given to us, we can only exercise the same up to a certain extent. It’s like Open Source. Seems great, but there is no sense of ownership. As we map the heavens to as microscopic detail as possible, possibly one day we would run our stock markets based on heavenly clocks. Automated deals (although there is no such thing as a ‘sure’ thing) accumulating funds in Cayman Islands or some other financial get-away’s without interfering in the operations. Would make Warren Buffet feel like ‘This should have been there earlier …’.

Final Call: Google Ad sense is great, but will it make you money. Know where to look, right !!!



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