Thursday, May 31, 2012

The power of Silence

Silence is golden. Yeah, its true. The universe is made up of 99.99% space. Void. Within each of us is a tremendous amount of force pervading as Silence. Once we learn to unlock this force, we become human in the right sense of the word. From a world of thoughts to thoughtlessness. A step that is worth its while. We must  all transcend this chattering mind and enter the realm of thoughtlessness or Silence. Absolutely. There is just one type of Silence in this world. And in case you ever wondered, what the first word was – it was Silence. We have all experienced it. But then we return back to the world of humdrum. Because we have a schizophrenic in each one of us. One living in the noisy world and the other in the reams of the world of Silence.

What do you think most people are looking for? Goals, Plans, Targets all are worthless, if we don’t encounter and enhance the other side of our personality. Learning to live in Silence. Meditate a little, because that brings us closer to our real goal. This goal of experiencing the absolute is the true goal for which we must strive. Great  saints and gurus gave up the material world seeking the truth. I’m not saying we do that. We can very well find the absolute in the midst of madness, that is this world. And once we have found it, it’s like a drug. The more you want it to last. But unlike drugs, this addiction is good. The more we enter the gap, the more we become centered. Because in the end, life is like this circle which never ends. Hence we have to find the center.

So what is the big deal about Silence? Well, for one, we are lost without it. The answer to all our innumerable questions lies in this center. The decisions which results in rights and wrongs are, when we are moving n the circle. When we are centered, all our decisions are right. In fact, there is nothing in this universe that we cannot achieve, after centering ourselves. So great is this thing that all that the great  people have written about, is to identify this powerhouse. Once you enter it and shed your dichotomy you will just have a single personality. The silent, ever at peace, always satisfied and happy, spinning the web of joy, for self and others, the one and only – you.

Now how do we do this? Here’s a tip. Watch your thoughts as they rummage in your brain. Just watch. Don’t judge. Once we practice this art, we will very soon realize that what we are made up of, is not these silly thoughts, that portray as important, but a deep meditative Silence, within each one of us. And that is where all the answers lie. We don’t come to this earth to learn. All that learning is there in the midst of this great Silence. We just have to reconnect. Unlike a website wherein, if the page is not found, we get a HTTP:404 error, this website is never out of pages. All that has ever been conceived or will ever be conceived, is lying right there. There is also an alias for this site. Yes you guessed it right. God.



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Cindy said...

Thank you for this wonderful post. Yes, it is very important to practice silence, but not everyone recognises that. I've gained a lot of inspiration while sitting in silence. The power of silence can only be experienced when one practices it. I've come across a very good article that enlists the power of practicing silence. You can read it here: The Power of Silence.

Happy meditating!