Saturday, May 12, 2012

The power of integrity

Be very clear about the decisions you make on your path of life. If you don’t make the right ones, some of them may come to haunt you. Do not go on the wrong route. You will fall short of a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t matter whether you sleep on a feather bed or an iron mat, as long as you get sleep, without taking pills. Lead an upright life. Be honest in your dealings. Money that comes out of sweat is earned money. By that I mean, what is rightfully, yours.

Do not worry about the millionaire next door. It really doesn’t matter whether you make a million or a billion. Aim for it, if you want to, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t make it. Instead, aim for good health and a good reputation. All your life’s work may be endangered by one foolish move. Hence be clear. Live a principled life. Do not get lost in the worldly rhythm which like the disco lights can blind you. Never compromise your integrity.

It’s quite simple. You will get what you have worked for. Beyond the rulings of the courts, there is a bigger court up there, where the justice is just. God knows every single thing about you. You just can’t hide away from the unpleasant aspects of your life. Try to forget it. And start a new life, if you have gone astray.  We get many chances in this life. God has given us wisdom to choose the right ones. Yonder you go to the higher worlds or the lower realms, depending on how you live your life.

You came empty handed to this world and you will go empty handed. This is the irony of life. No amount of possessions that you hoard will come with you. You simply have to leave them behind. Work you must, but do not worry (anxiety) about the results. If you are destined to get the result, you will. Nothing in this universe will stop it. But learn to persevere. Be with like-minded people. Do not cheat or betray. Limit your desires and most of all don’t worry. Be happy.

And be true to yourself, always.


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