Thursday, December 26, 2013

Are Computers Alive ?

Do computers have a soul? That very well depends on what we mean by the soul. The soul is a part and parcel of the larger grand soul or God. It permeates everywhere. In living and non living things. If we go by this definition, then we can say that indeed computers do have a soul. The soul is the ultimate indivisible  article. Some scientists say that the Higgs-Boson particle is the God particle. But I have my own doubts. Because you see, there is no God particle as such. He pervades everywhere, within matter and the void space. The soul is the most powerful thing that will ever be known. To experience it’s own power, soul created matter and non living things. It enjoys its experience through living beings like us. About it’s nature, Lord Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita says “It can’t be wetted by water or burned by fire”. Thus the soul is much more powerful than the five elements.

Computers deep down are nothing but souped up calculators. They work in binary (0’s and 1’s) language. As we build abstractions (nobody writes in machine language) that take us away from the innards of the computer, it becomes more and more user friendly. The soul is not just present inside a program but also threads (program or process divided into finer units) Once a class is abstracted as an object, it literally lives in the memory before being evicted by a  destructor method. However infinitesimally we divide the program, the soul lives everywhere – inside a polymorphic function, in the values returned by a function and in the libraries. Inside every API (Application Programming Interface) is the presence of the soul. Every socket used for communication, every disk write and every device that is attached to the computer, the soul lives inside. It just experiences the happening.

The soul really doesn’t care whether somebody lives or dies. Similarly, inside a computer there are so many processes which are invoked by a user and after completion of the task they simply are there no more. The soul just watches the fun of a program being executed by the CPU (Central Processing Unit). It watches the CPU like it watched our mind. Simply observing, without passing value judgments. Like the mind can cloud the judgment of  person, the CPU also restricts a program functionality based on its instruction set. No matter however hard you try, you are restricted by the instruction set. This applies to a program also. The number of API’s available within a platform will dictate its usefulness and success. Variations in different kind of CPU is like the difference between individuals. Everyone comes with the instruction set (hereditary factors and past karma) that defines their basic value-systems. But if the soul wishes, it can transform this repertoire into something more appropriate.

The soul is identified as a part of the bigger ultimate phenomenon called God. Its everywhere. When somebody dies the soul simply picks up the next body or non living entity into which it enters. This is a easy version of the truth. Actually, the soul is everywhere.  It always has been. And there is no difference qualitatively between one soul and another. For example, two individuals only differ by their form and mind intricacies. Their souls are the same, qualitatively speaking. Coming back to computers, it’s similar. A PC or a MAC may look different (As per their form and CPU) but they serve the same purpose holistically. To be of use to some people somewhere. The soul definitely exists inside them and there is no virus or any other malware that can affect the soul. The CPU (mind) may be reprogrammed, but not the soul. Not a chance – even if we had a thousand life times.

Do give this a thought …


Friday, December 13, 2013

Your inner call – dissecting your brain

Within your mind is infinite possibilities all laid down for you to seize and manifest them. You see, your brain consists of three parts viz. the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. All these work in a sequence. When you are awake, the conscious part of the brain receives stimuli from the external world. Some of them get filtered into the subconscious. Others are rejected by your conscious. The stimulus can be visual, audio, olfactory or simply touch. You associate particular meanings to them and your emotions react to these thoughts. From the loudest noise to the faintest whisper, your brain records the thoughts that are associated with them. A thought is nothing but a memory trace recorded as a pattern of neurons. The entire brain keeps changing, depending on day to day stimulus and the thoughts that we think as a result. Newer neural pathways and updates to the old one are happening every second.

The conscious part of the brain is the gatekeeper. It allows thoughts to enter the subconscious selectively. When you are in the awake mode your brain waves are vibrating at higher frequency called ‘beta’.The lower frequencies are ‘alpha’, ‘theta’ and ‘delta’. As you go to lower frequencies you start becoming calmer. In ‘Beta’ mode, your brain makes a lot of noise. Unwanted thoughts keep coming in and your filtering mechanisms may fail. As you go into the lower frequencies, you start thinking better. To know how the brain operates in the ‘Beta’ mode, stay still when you are awake. Just watch the train of thoughts that you generate every minute. do not judge the thoughts. Just watch them pass. Now stay in the moment by thinking of nothing – I mean put a cessation to the unlicensed thoughts entering your brain. Just be. And you will suddenly find a peace dawning on you. The conscious has to be controlled, else it can make the whole experience of life messy.

Your subconscious is the next part of the brain. It contains your experiences, beliefs and value system. The subconscious receives command from the conscious. It just stores all the impressions of thoughts and other things you have picked up while you were growing up. It does not judge thoughts. Hence it’s very easy for negative thoughts (gremlins) also to get in and stay put. When you are hypnotized, what the doctor just did was bypassing your conscious and directly commanding your subconscious. You can be made to do anything. The subconscious if imprinted with the right positive mental attitude can give rise to a powerful personality. You hear about manifesting our dreams. It’s nothing but carving a groove of this dream into your subconscious. The subconscious is your mental make up. When you listen to somebody, you may agree or disagree depending on the imprint of your subconscious. Thus it is a very powerful part of the brain.

The unconscious or the God part of the brain connects deeper with the universe. This is where God talks back to us. Both the conscious and the subconscious have access to it. However, in normal waking states, it’s difficult to access it. It’s a treasure-trove. Our intuition comes from this part of the brain. And intuitions are very powerful. If we live by them, our whole life takes up a very meaningful approach to life. As you know that most people get to where the are by trial and error, because they don’t listen to that inner voice. Well, that is God’s voice inside our head. Our own intuition. Some people say that the past lives information is also stored here. Some debate it to be in the subconscious. Let it be anyways, but remember that the voice inside your head (not delusionary) – the real voice is the universe signaling you to spur into action. Act on it. And you will find things falling in place again.



Sunday, December 01, 2013

Be blessed

You are blessed. We all are. Think of this moment as a gift from God. When you wake up in the morning, the first ray of light that enters the eyes. Then the sound and the smell start entering our senses. Are we not all fortunate to witness this very moment? Take a moment to look at the sky, the clouds and the azure color of the sky. Never has this moment ever been or never it will be. It just is. We are so fortunate to witness all this. But we are so caught in the hum-drum of life, instead of looking at the rainbow, we curse that it is raining. Instead of feeling gratitude, we are so occupied by the thoughts that vibrate in our mind. And the morning madness sweeps the beauty away. We check the weather but don’t enjoy it really. Don’t you see that every moment is unique. every single moment that we live is because of God’s grace and we must rightfully hank him for that.

Faster and faster. That seems to sum up the essence of modern life. We are so anxious that we keep pressing the close button of the lift although we know that it will close in a jiffy. Type ‘A’ personalities. Just have to get there. Ready, Aim and Shoot. Can’t wait to do that. We also have computers which are very efficient. So much so that we depend on them for almost everything. Life as such has become so complex and we are caught right in the midst of it. Even if were to take a break and go see nature, will we be able to enjoy it? I doubt. So many things  happening, we hardly get time to reflect. Not even whether our scripts are leaning against the right wall. The more we beget success, the more we want it. Nothing wrong. But it helps sometimes to think if this is the life that we really want. Ask yourself those questions. Sometimes we have to come out of our comfort zones and re-evaluate.

Besides the usual ‘I want more money’, ‘I want to succeed’ and all the wishes, we have to understand that we are spiritual beings first and then the bodies. This life is a journey towards God. One term for the super-natural is perfection. We are perfecting ourselves birth after birth and going towards the supreme, every single moment. Whether consciously or not, we are inching towards God. It’s a long journey, but make sure that you enjoy every bit of it. Every one of us carries a baggage of old karmas and the beliefs and thoughts. When these are neutralized, we are there. At his doorsteps. And when we embrace God, the journey is over. But to get there is a story of perseverance and perfection. The Buddha did it. So did Jesus. And they have said that the task may be difficult, but not impossible. We have to keep this in mind and proceed on our rendezvous. Remember, enjoy the journey.

The shortcut to this journey has already been invented by man. Yes, computers. They are accurate, fast and efficient. We can use them as a tool to speed up the journey that we have embarked upon. And by that I mean the journey towards God. Computers help us save a lot of time, because they are incredibly fast. It is the God’s spark within man which has made computers possible. And in our ultimate journey they can help us. There is no doubt about that. Give thanks to God for having made this possible. Thank him from the bottommost part of your heart and you will receive his immense love, which unfortunately you don’t seem to recognize in our daily schedule. Gratitude to God is like the cake whose icing is life, although some people may think otherwise. You have plenty of reasons to thank God. But he is modest enough and does not ask for it. I urge you to feel all that good that has happened to you and thank God for his support and well wishes, every single day.

Be blessed.


Monday, November 25, 2013

How to protect your reputation

Like a leaf fallen from a tree, can never return back as a leaf of the tree, the words that we speak are also like the arrow that left a bow and can never come back. Hence choose your words carefully. Be lavish with praises and frugal in criticisms. Don’t take your emotions everywhere. Keep them under control. Or else you may say or do something that may prove detrimental. The future is unknown, but the past is present as an open book for all to read. Entire history of your past is recorded in a timeline fashion in the modern contraptions. Thus you are quite exposed to the world, although you may think you are not. Hence you have to be that extra careful. Your comments on various websites, your identity on some and in general, your activities on all social network together make up your persona. It’s available for everyone to read and assimilate. Besides these, those documents that you created for a company, your plans and schedules in your company computers have a chance of being hacked and exposed.

Similarly, all your actions cannot be rolled back. You may have an alibi, but it does not negate the action. Hence, do not do anything distasteful. Do not resort to actions when you are feeling angry as you may regret the same. The best thing to do in any situation is to stay calm, no matter what. And it’s not just you. Others may write about you or say something to malign you. Your reactions to events are something that you have to control. If you find that somebody has flamed you in any way, do not react in a fit of rage. Know that your actions and reactions can cause grave damage to your reputation, if you travel on the wrong side of the road. Everyday we are confronted with situations, which thwart us towards some actions. And we cannot avoid them. The best we can do is be level-headed and act out in such a way that does not cause any harm. It’s like a CCTV is always watching you.

You may think I’m paranoid. No. I have heard  so many tales of people who have been affected by various inconveniences. For example there are many people who write about the products and services that you sell. The people who write negative reviews about your work will do so if you haven’t done your part. Then there are some eternal pessimists also. These people always crib on the websites. Remember not to flame them in return. You could really ask them what went wrong and what you are doing about it. Please assess the facts and mention the fact-filled details to a negative rant. This is the best you can. But remember, most of the people will go ahead and post an affirmative, if you have satisfied them. Always endure to satisfy your customer and be in their good books. The bad atmosphere has been created by some pranksters who have duped people. Unfortunately it has started affecting the genuine people also.

Another thing to do when you are online, is to surf anonymously. This ensures that your machines do not get cookies from different websites that track your activity. Do not click links without thinking. There are many sites which install backdoor viruses into your machine. Do not five away your email addresses and fill forms without being careful. Some of these sites sell this information to third parties without your permission. When you comment on a website  be precise and meaningful. If you are irked with a product or a service, mention the facts. Do not extrapolate. Never get into an argument. Whenever you are on chat or a social website, be sure that they are recording every single character that you type. The list goes on and on. But my last tip to you would be stay positive always. Take full responsibility of your actions. Send positive vibrations out and you will get them back in return.

To your image,


Saturday, November 23, 2013

My thoughts on Twitter

As you all know that Twitter is a social platform to send tweets (thoughts) of not more than 140 characters to a group or an individual. These tweets are nothing but messages that flow in a Twittersphere. It essentially is a publish/subscribe mechanism, wherein people who want to subscribe to different kind of ideas (that they like) do so by subscribing to a channel (a user or a company). In turn whoever publishes a message on his channel is assured of distributing the message to those who are subscribed to the channel. In addition there are #tags. These are other groups active in this ecosystem which also receives the message once somebody makes a mention of them using the #tag in their tweets. To complete it there are also @mentions, which is used to target a user or a company that you want to be cited.

You know the thing about Twitter is that it allows us to be precise as there is a limitation of the number of characters we can type in a message. Further, the message gains its power when somebody re-tweets it. By the simple act of re-tweeting, the message is sent to all those people who are subscribed to that sender and so on, it multiplies. As any other thought, these messages have the capability to affect us in a positive or negative way. Shouldn’t be saying negative, because there is no such thing. The right term would be less positive. Let me clarify. Is there any such thing as -2 apples or -2 $ in the real world. The world designed by God is positive. Yes there can be an absence (zero) but no negative. Thus we can definitely say that Twitter is a positive influence. And if you philosophize a little bit, everything is.

What seems to be negative is nothing but a thought with very low power. You might be knowing that bad (for the lack of a better term) things do not last, as much as good ones do. Twitter is an experience in brevity with the power to change the world. But as of now, there are only about 250 million Twitter followers. The more it increases (as it will), the better. The whole planet must get connected. On an average a human being gets 60,000 thoughts in a day. And the messages flowing in this ecosphere is just a fraction of that. Like any thought, the message is powerful. Thoughts trigger emotions. And hence these messages have a role in our well being. As long as someone is listening to the messages, they become contextual. The meaning wipes off the moment the message doesn’t reach the intended audience.

Sometimes the message is in real-time when the sender sends it first-hand. But nowadays there are ways to tweet at scheduled times when it is more effective. (so that it reaches the maximum number of people) Also there are bots (machines) which automatically reply to messages. These messages can also be instrumental in causing effect. Which is to affect the receiver in a way or two. However, I doubt the authenticity of the same. Sometimes machines do not respond the way we do. But technology is getting better. And the gap between the two is slowly narrowing. But whatever may be the source of the message, it still is a message. The intent of a message can be under doubt depending on the source of it. The way to verify the sender is limited. We really cannot distinguish between the two.

Despite whatever limitations or features, Twitter still represents a powerful platform of social exchange affecting millions of lives on this beautiful planet.

To your best always,


Monday, October 07, 2013

From EVIL to GOD

Evil is just a hoax. There is no such thing. There is only one force that pervades this universe. And that force is good. The force of God, if you may like to call it that way. What seems to be negative is actually wrapped in a single word called ignorance. Evil is about ignorance. Ignorance of this beautiful world that God has created for us. Ignorance of not following God’s ways. Ignorance of not knowing what’s right and what’s wrong.

What seems to be the most evil, is the starting point of ignorance. Wherever there is darkness, and by that I mean a lack of love (of God), evil permeates. When you hear a news like somebody being killed or somebody being raped, condemn the act and not the actor. The actor is ignorant and that is why he/she committed this heinous crime. Whether you try to punish him/her or repurpose him/her is a different subject altogether.

The opposite of EVIL is LIVE. To live means to love. You must be loving something or things that gives you a sense of happiness. A man loving a woman. An owner loving his/her dog. A person in love with his work, and so on. Evil is nowhere near love . It simply means that the more you love, the more the Evil is far away from where you are. The more you live in the light of love, the closer you are to God. And that is the only force that is there.

All the forces known to physics namely, gravitational force, nuclear force, electromagnetic force and the weak force all are gradations of God’s power. Above all these is the power of love. Love encompasses the universe. It’s everywhere. What you perceive as evil is nothing but a lack of love. Doesn’t mean that such people are bad. They are just not awake. But the force of love is infectious. That means it spreads fast. Hence Evil will decrease day by day and one day the whole world shall open to the wide arms of love.

Resurrection is near.

Guaranteed …


Friday, July 19, 2013

Why don’t we see God ?

In the rhyme of the flute, in the calling bells of the mosque, in the prayer held on a Sunday morning mass, everywhere. He lives everywhere. In the truthfulness of the brave, in the love of the lover, in the mind of a mathematician, everywhere. He lives everywhere. In the morning sunrise, in the smell of the wet sands on a beach, in the sunset inviting the night, everywhere. He lives everywhere. In the violet by the mossy stone, in the bee’s eyes that search for flowers, in the fruits hanging on those branches, everywhere. He lives everywhere. Inside the seas where we have not yet reached, in the core of the CPU registers, in the pistons of a motor, everywhere. Yes! He lives everywhere.

Yet why are people complaining that they can’t see him? Because they have a preconceived notion of him. An old man with a beard, a man decked in ornaments or maybe a man who brandishes weapons at will. I don’t know. Different people have different opinions. The truth is, he exists everywhere and is witnessing everything. He is formless and can take up any form that he wishes. Ask yourself, what do you see in a new born baby? What do you feel when you drive through the countryside? What do you hear in a stream of water? It’s him. Still we complain that we haven’t had enough of him. There is only one way to see him. By always thinking of him. Yes, remind yourself everyday, he is near you.

I’m not proposing some 30 day retreat or a course in yoga. All you have to do is be aware consciously. Think that he is with you every moment. Yes! Every single moment. And it’s true. He is there. When you are say, travelling in a train or a bus and you have lots of time on hand, just remember him. The very way in which you are used to. Say your prayers if you like, to create the environment. The more time you spend with him, the better is the ride. When you are concentrating on your work, do so. But whenever you get a break, think of him. You’ll soon see that this whole world is made up of him, including non animate matter. He is the soul behind all creation. And that is all there is to it.

Some people ask that why there is so much unhappiness in the world? That is for the very reason that we won’t be able to measure happiness if we did not have its opposite. Everyone has his share. Take it calmly, knowing that one day the dot’s shall connect and you will know the truth. And the truth will set you free. Everything ‘is’ and there is nothing beyond ‘is’-ness. Know that he is the only one who’s forever – infinite. Rest all are like waves of the sea. They come and go. So do our emotions and so do our thoughts. So don’t be enchanted by what is temporary. Base your happiness on what is real. And the only real is him. Rest all are heading towards their end. Be it a star, a fly or a human. Seek him everywhere,and you will be without a moment.

Awestruck, always …


Sunday, July 07, 2013

We walk by faith, not by sight

We walk by faith, not by sight (said in Bible). Jesus said that all we need is the faith of a mustard seed to move the mountains. Faith can be equated to belief. Belief in a vision. For that we need to see the picture clearly. Visualization is about that. Faith cannot be actualized without a clear cut vision. Blind faith won’t do. Faith of a clear cut future is also about persistence. No matter what the hurdles are, we must stick to our faith. In the belief that one day it will become true. And work towards the dream step by step. There may be times when we feel like giving up. These are the bad days. Gather all the courage that we have to face these days and aspire for the brighter ones.

Have you read that book ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach. In it he mentions that we can walk over water or fly only if we decide to with all faith that we have. Maybe this is extremes, but still it cannot be ruled out. At least, metaphorically. When no one else believes in you and your vision, you have to struggle hard as these pressures also take their toll. Hold onto it, just a little while longer. And you will see sunlight breaking out of the rainy clouds. Just when you thought it was about to rain again, out comes the light. And your light will come. Just need to persist in the midst of difficulties. There’s nothing to be explained or proven to people. It is just the high of the vision coming true.

But mind you, the hunt is more important than the kill. So enjoy your journey while your faith gets wings. If you look at history, people have been working very hard to make their vision come true. They have persisted through bouts of challenges which can really drain one. Faith is not for the faint-hearted. From the beginning to the end, it requires non-faltered courage and determination. And you will come out with rosy colors for sure if you are to keep on to it. Thomas Edison blew some 2000 incandescent bulbs before stepping into a real bulb that gives light. And see how it has changed the world. Today we have electricity and all modern gizmos working because of these innovators persistence.

A lot of people will try to dissuade you in this process. Or if you stick by it, they may think that you are a little heady. Your response to them should be ‘Do not mistake my self confidence for cockiness’. So what are you waiting for? Dream big. Visualize it perfectly and then go for the kill. Stick on as much as it requires you to. And one day I’m sure you will realize your vision. The work that you put in will greatly determine the nature of the outcome. If you have any doubts, remember that Cause is greater than Effect. i.e. The cause (vision) is more important. Your effect may not be exactly as you have dreamed off. But one thing is for sure, your effect will one day come true. And that day will be the D-Day of your life. So work towards it.

All the Best,


Thursday, July 04, 2013

You and Me–We are the same

You and me, we are all connected. Though we seem to be separated by a long distance, what is this in comparison to distances between stars? Apparently we seem to be different. Although you must know that you live in me as I live in you. Have you realized this yet? It’s time. Get up and look afar into the distance till your eyes reach the end. You will realize that there is no end. It’s infinite, like you and me. Yes, it is true. You and me, we are the sparks of the same divine. United we stand beneath, in the face of this duality. There is a little space to fill in this world. That’s why we are here. And after that it will be just like it used to be. In oneness. We will be in the rays of the Sun or the borrowed rays of the moon. Or we may just be a droplet of the rainfall.

Open to bliss. Because this world is divine. Everyone and everything. Even that stone that you see has been created unique. Have you seen the sunrise or the sunset lately? See it and you will know what I mean. Or for that matter stand under a starry sky or a beach from where you can see the vastness of the sea.So get. set. go. What are you waiting for. The life’s greatest gift is right in front of you. Dive deep into it. Enjoy the nectar ‘cause that is why it is there. God is wanting you to do that so that he can feel the providence that he himself created. Through you. Yes your very eyes. your ears and nose and every other sense organ that you have. God perceives them through you. You are just a treasurer.

Well, if you are caught up in life’s rush, don’t be. Take some time out to enjoy the divine gifts that God has bestowed on us. Paying bills – well, all of us have to work towards that. But take out just 15 minutes from a day to enjoy the unity. And you will feel different. I guarantee you. See yourself in everything and everyone. And others and other things in you. Here’s a simple way to start. Hold your thoughts and watch for the next thought (close your eyes) and don’t criticize or feel anything when the thought appears. Let it be (like John Lennon says) and just watch the parade of thoughts in our crazy mind. Hold still and imagine yourself where you want to be. Realize him. He is all there is. Rest is all temporary, including this life.

If you observe closely, this is all a play. Like why do kids play ? The obvious answer is because it makes them happy. And the whole sequence of events that happen in a day, is all God’s divine play. Some live. Some die. Some make a killing. Some go bankrupt. All these things are bound to happen. Maybe you are in the limelight at times. Accept them as they come and face them with full courage. If you are feeling nervous take two deep breaths. You will feel better. Life is something that we can’t run away from. Agreed, that everyone has his own struggles, but apart from that, is there anything else? Yes. And that is your duty to yourself. Keep yourself happy. Connect with the force. By that I mean God. Remember he runs the show, you are just a caretaker. So take life one step at a time, one friend a day and a sip of hot coffee in the noon. Don’t cling to your problems. Don’t be a whiner. Take them as they come. Because the good Lord is everywhere and he is by your side. You will definitely get what you want. Persevere a little while more.

Wishing you - your dreams,

Always …


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Krishna–Who is he and what is his message ?

Krishna is God incarnation in full. He is a very mysterious personality encompassing everything a man should be. He accepts life as it is and lives with the times. Different people have different views about Krishna. But he is indefinable. You cannot chain his personality in a string of words. Krishna seems to accept the apparent contradictions of life in a very demure manner. Krishna embraces life as it is and lives in the present. He does not make any plans and faces life as it comes. He is a naughty kid ; a romantic lover; a tactful advisor and a valuable mentor. There are many aspects to this multi-faceted personality. But he fulfills all of them completely. To this date, this mystic seems to be unexplored, because he is so full of life that life itself seems like a breeze to be lived and loved in full.

Krishna’s childhood is filled with stories of an active kid who steals butter, breaks the earthen clays of maidens and hides their clothes when they are having a bath. He also defeats monsters like Kaaliya, the snake and holds the Govardhan mountain on his little finger in time of torrential rains. He plays his flute which captivates everybody. He dances with maidens who all seek to get his attention, and plays ras-leela with them.He seems to know the mantra for attracting women. After all these youthful encounters, he takes up a role of a ministerial/royal nature, without any fuss. Whatever he does, seems to come so naturally to him, that  you wonder how a person can be so unruffled in times of  change.

Perhaps the most talked about Krishna is what he exhorts in the Bhagwad Geeta. Some people think that he supports war, when the fact of the matter is, sometimes war is inevitable. Especially when there is so much evil in humanity, sometimes even a righteous war is called for. He never says that we should go to war. But if that is the only solution, so be it. He suitably inspires Arjuna to do his duty. Duty is of paramount importance here. Duty, well done, reaps rewards. Duty, badly done, brings disgrace. In fact we should all act according to our duties. If you are a athlete, run like no one ever can. If you area carpenter, saw as much as you can. If you are a singer, sing from the bottom of your heart. There is nothing more important. This seems to be Krishna’s top most message.

He also mentions about the soul which is birth less and deathless. Nobody dies or is born. Because we are not our bodies but the infallible soul. Thus, we are all divine sparks of the same God that pervades everywhere.  Our journey on Earth is towards perfection i.e. God. We are known by our karma and not the family in which we are born. All names and forms are nothing but tags. What matters is what we accomplish on this planet and leave behind as a legacy. All have different paths but in the end the target is the same. Perfection. Krishna also maintains that happiness and sorrow come and go. They are two sides of the same coin. We should not get ruffled by them. And should accept them both with countenance and grace.

Krishna, if he were alive today, would live according to the times now. But his essential message would be the same. Go, do your job.

With all respects,


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Feeling good always …

Today I’m going to share with you the key secret of feeling good always. Number one. Accept yourself the way you are. This means being cognizant of your strengths and weaknesses and accepting them fully without any guilt. Let go off the past. Don’t let it interfere with your present. Develop your strengths and rectify your weaknesses. Do it one step at a time. There is no hurry. As you progress in this task you will feel more happy and complete. If you have done something wrong in the past, ask God for forgiveness and move on. Don’t let that pester you. Everyone makes mistakes. They are the stepping stones of learning. Learn, you must and make sure that you don’t repeat it.

Number two. Accept the world and its people as they are. You may be thinking that nobody knows your story and some people are behaving rather strange. Now, here’s news. Everyone has their own scripts and they are behaving as per that. You cannot change that. But one thing you can do. You can change yourself. You see in life no two people are the same. Even twins just look alike, but they are different. Accept the diversity of life and learn to live with contradictions. Everything is God given and hence divine. Do you know that the stone also has life? It’s just vibrating at a different frequency, hence you don’t see it. People are the highest evolution of the soul and they all have their own truths to find. Everyone’s journey is different. So respect that.

Number three. Spend time in the present. There is no point thinking about the past or the future. One has happened and the other is to happen. Both are fictitious. What matters is how you spend the time right now. Do spend time in the past to reevaluate and the future for your plans. But restrict that to say the day when you have a lot of time to spare. But too much dilly-dallying into the past and present will prove detrimental. Hence be living in the ‘Now’. Be fully alert. Enjoy the rain, that chirp of the sparrow, that smell of the coffee and the traffic in the rush hour. Just observe. Do not judge. They are all very interesting. Try to give some time to silence. Be silent for half an hour at least in a day.

Number four. Be optimistic. Scores has been written about the benefit of positive thinking. I can’t just reemphasize how beneficial it is. Look at the bright side of life always. If you listen to news, you might have noticed that there are several negative things that are aired. If you can do something about it, go do it. Else just leave it to God. He is watching everything. Not a single blade of grass moves without his permission. There are many things we do not understand as to why they happen. Going forward, trust that the dots will connect and you will get your answer. Have this faith and move on. Do not be stuck, as you know the rolling stone never gathers moss. Have a positive attitude and you will soon attract everything positive in your life.

With all my heart,


Sunday, June 09, 2013

Dancing in the rains

It’s raining outside and the trees are dancing with joy, not to mention the kids who like to drench themselves. No Sun. But the feeling of joy everywhere. We stay at home and sip a hot cup of tea watching the rain fall all over the place. What a pleasure. The rain also optimizes the temperature around. It’s not hot anymore, neither cold. When I was a kid, I used to believe that rains are God’s tears. What a silly idea? Rains actually are Godsend gift from heaven that sustains the plants and animals. Especially the plants. When I look at the trees outside, it’s as if they are mesmerized by the rains. All standing out tall and beckoning the rain as if it were their hubbies. How romantic?

I wonder about desert places where it hardly rains. How do they manage to be so single? Wallowing in the heat of the Sun. I went outside today and got drenched. Initially my first reaction was to avoid the rain, which was falling mercilessly. But the more the rain touched my body, the more I felt better. Mustering enough strength, I let go of myself and actually enjoyed it. It’s like a shower except that, it is in the open and all showers are good. Makes you feel rejuvenated. Now as I sit here typing this on my blog editor, I can see the rain falling, the pace has decelerated, but the intentions are the same. To make me feel special. And I do. Truly I do …

If you long to smell the best perfume that is out there, do not look any farther. The first rain which emanates a scent of the Earth is what it is. I never knew that the Earth could have its own smell. But it does. And its so sweet. Unique. I remember having trekked a mountain in the rains. All sorts of insects like the earthworm and scorpions come out. Even the flies. I distinctly remember the taste of a mountain spring. So cool and so clear. Sparkling like wine. It is nothing but rainwater burrowing its way deep down into the Earth’s recesses and coming out as springs. Some water companies claim to collect water from such springs. How far it is true, I don’t know.

The other thing about rains. Kids waiting for their school buses. In umbrellas and overcoats. Parents trying to restrict these little ones not to get wet in the rain. And when a vehicle passes near by, it splashes the water on the bystanders. Some cursing away the person who was driving the car so fast. Water is just like kids. Can’t live without them. And flowing water. Have you ever heard a stream whizz by? I’m sure you have. Paid any attention to the drizzling sound. Euphoric, isn’t it? And waterfalls. I have been to some and love standing at the place where the water falls with a thud. I sometimes wonder – Why has God been so good to us? Perhaps we have done something good in our past lives.

Enjoy the rains.


Saturday, June 01, 2013

The next incarnation–Machines

Programming can be a real high. Programmers get so involved in their programs that they forget what is going on outside. In fact, some of them swear by their programs. So, why is programming so addictive? Well, the answer lies in the nature of programming. It’s a very dedicated task and requires enormous power of concentration. Otherwise you are bound  to make mistakes. Bugs, as they call it, are the errors that creep into a program due to lack of concentration. To troubleshoot bugs requires skill of a different kind. And finally when the program works, the ‘a-ha’ factor associated with it is incredible. Programmers final destination is a complete program and that gives them an enormous amount of satisfaction.

At its best, programming can be an exercise in meditation. Because both of them require you to concentrate. While one is focused on the inside, the other looks at the outside. Writing a program is like going on a pilgrimage. The journey is interesting and the final result is satisfaction. A program is invisible. It’s stored as ‘1’’s and ‘0’’s, but you can just see the output. The program itself is not having a material form. In this way, it’s like the mind and the brain. You require a place to store the program like a hard drive. Similarly all your thoughts (programs) require to be stored in the brain. But this gives rise to the mind (the output of the program) which is elusive.

This leads us to the concept of machine thinking. Can a machine really think? If you look at the thoughts that happen in or brain, they are nothing but spurts of electricity (neuro chemicals) happening at random in an uncontrolled mind. All these happen in parallel. Programming is also a bunch of electrical signals flowing inside a machine. These programs if connected on parallel machines can behave like human brains. So what are we saying here? Well, the mind has a concept of cognition or self awareness, which is difficult in a machine to come by. It can be simulated but as all simulations are, it is artificial. So, will a machine ever be able to think? At least not as we humans do.

A lot of research is going into what is termed as ‘AI’ or Artificial Intelligence. Have you come across programs like ‘Siri’ (Appe iPhone) which sometimes seem to display intelligent behavior? There are many of these around. And according to ‘Turing Test’ (A test which says if a computer behaves like a human and we are unable to make out the difference, the machine has become intelligent) some of these gadgets can be on the list of being called intelligence. But mind you, above intelligence is Wisdom and that is the power of discrimination. Can a programmed gadget ever have that? I doubt. And even if it does, it will be limited. God save the world. The convergence of man and machine is unstoppable. I say this specifically because in the Hindu scriptures mention is made of ‘Kalki’ (the next savior) who is part machine and part human.

This is getting interesting. Wait till it pans out.

Till then …



Sunday, May 26, 2013

Living in the ‘Now’

“And one day the eyes of your soul shall open, and you will know everything”. Something similar I read somewhere. These are quite powerful words. But when will that day come? The day is today and the time is now. You see mostly people keep postponing things for the future, which is yet to be. Will it happen then? We don’t know. But there is a shimmering hope that it will. We plan so much for our future. I will buy a house after 2 years. I will be promoted this year. I will buy that ruby necklace for my wife after 6 months. And on and on. The list keeps piling up. None of these is going to happen, if we don’t spend our time now in a constructive way.

You see, I’m not against planning. We must. But if we squander away the time that is right now and expect for things to happen, well, then that is a long shot. Too much of planning also spoils the fun. Once we know that we are set to achieve a plan, we must start working towards it. In the now. As you will realize, the now is the only thing that matters. The past is gone and the future is a pipe dream. IF you ask a crow what is the time , it will be surprised. It will say that the time is now. What else is there. I’m trying to bring your attention to the clock time that we are so obsessed with. 7:00 AM Get Up. 8:00 AM Breakfast. 6:30 PM Friends. And so on. We really cannot live without the clock.

Now for a moment don’t think of anything. Stay in this mode. Did you notice that time was still. We really need to give up our obsessive attachment to physical time and instead utilize the present in the most optimum way that we can. While working if we get distracted by thoughts then our wok will get hindered. Have you ever seen a painter work? When he paints his art, he whistles, not knowing that there may be people around him. Now that is work. Full concentration. So much so that you forget where you are. All that matters is the work. When the object and the subject merge together, we lose track of time and the result is born from the depths of creativity.

We all must work with our heart. If something is bothering us, we should leave that behind and focus entirely on the now. The day we escape time and ego (which causes it to happen) we will be transformed into a totally different personality. A calm and confident person. A serene and an alert individual. What we all need in this world is for this consciousness to set in. We do so many things in automatic mode out of habits that we have picked up through the years. Some of these needs to be shed away and to be replaced by more positive ones. And this physical time obsession needs to be given up. Because time doesn’t come and go. We do.

As felt now.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Memories are forever

“There are places  I remember. All my life, though some have changed. Some forever, not for better. Some have gone and some remain. All these places after a moment. Well, lovers and friends, I still can recall. Some are dead and some are living. In my life, I love them all”  (Beatles) Memory of the yester-years. Memories are like souvenir's. We keep on collecting them as we go along, in the walk of life. We all attach certain emotions to our memories. Some vivid and some losing sheen. There  are all sorts. Good ones, bad ones and those that we can’t describe precisely.We not only relive memory in our lives, sometimes we do so in our dreams too. One thing is for sure: We are all fond of our good memories.

So on and on it goes. We keep notching them one by one. Some use it as a tool to feel positive. Some like to drown their bad ones with drinks. All kinds of people you see. Whether memories bring you sorrow or happiness, we need to practice, selective recall. By that I mean only relive those memories which make us feel good. But try as you may, sometimes it’s difficult to get rid of the thorny ones. In fact, some people relish sad memories, by listening to the supporting music or by downing a drink or two. If life were not made of dualities, where would be the fun in it? Everyone has both pleasant as well as sad memories. Wish that we could do it another way this time all over again. It’s just a wish.

Why do you think photo albums are so popular? We like to relive the times that we have spent in the past. But too much of it can be a distraction. Memories should be relished only once in a while. Wish it was as easy as that. Because we simply don’t know when they pop up. Wish there was a way of amplifying the good ones and getting rid of the bad ones. But this seldom happens. We have to live with our collection. Some of them may evoke a sensation of fear within us. Too much of it can even make us psychotic. And on the other hand, some memories can make us real lofty. They lift our moods up and make us feel like kings and queens. Wish all of them were like that.

Can you imagine what would happen if we had no memory? No past. All these predictions based on the past would go for a toss. We would be living like most of the animals. In the ‘now’. One way it is good, but one way it’s worse. We would have no reference points. Not only us, even computers have memory. While they use it to  hold values, we go a  step further. We cherish them. What would you do, if you had no recollection of that trip to Hawaii or that baseball match. Well, most  of us live to collect such artifacts, so that we can look back and say, ’yeah, I lived my life well!’ If such is God’s design, so be it. So the next time you feel nostalgic, what would you do ?

To the good times …


Sunday, May 12, 2013

It’s never too late for love

Love is the uppermost positive feeling that we have. This feeling can be towards a person, a pet or simply platonic. It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Well, have you heard this saying ? At least once in a lifetime, we must feel love. Or it’s a life wasted. When do you know you are in love? Well, when you are feeling positive, you are. When you are in seventh heaven, you are. When positive thoughts and vibrations surround you, you are. When you are positive in action, you are.

To get there requires conscious work from your side. Do what you love and love what you do. Other things don’t matter. If something agitates you, give it up. Don’t let in anything inside you, that disturbs you. Only let in positive thoughts which lead to positive emotions. Shed this doubt, fear and worry. Go full steam ahead with those things that make you happy. Practice this, and soon you will find that you are a very happy, in short a lovable person. Love emanates from a happy person.

Have you already got what you wanted or are you waiting for that moment ? Whatever the case may be, keep yourself pumped up happily. Learn to come to terms with the laws of nature. Providence cares for everyone. If you have made mistakes, never mind. Everyone does. Just remember, there is no such thing as a time and age for any activity. You  can get started whenever you want. It’s never too late. So don’t wait for the planets to move into an auspicious position. Start right now.

Never even have a shard of doubt that you will be able to find love or not. It’s waiting there. To be discovered. Keep in mind that you have to collect as many positive thoughts as possible. No brownie points for a baser thought. And soon you will find that you are flying. Yes. Simply that. When you become fully immersed in positivity or happiness, you will be a force to reckon with. One thing about love – it’s infectious. So spread as much as you can. Because there are many unfortunate people out there who are awaiting a glimpse of this expensive commodity.

Clever people know that it’s up for the grabs for the happy ones and it costs as much as the air that you breathe.

May everyone find love.


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A wise man’s tale

As we go ahead in life, we collect more experience and money. While one leads to wisdom, the other gives us more comfort in life. Both are equally important, the former maybe a tad bit more. Money can come and go. It waxes and wanes. Whereas wisdom keeps on growing every day. You can never lose it. So what exactly is this thing called Wisdom?

The application of knowledge and intelligence is Wisdom. It gives us the power to proceed ahead in any situation. Wisdom is mainly shaped from past experiences and knowledge accumulation. It’s a sum of all that we have gone through in life. Wisdom gives us the power of discrimination. We can choose the right option in any difficult circumstance.

The more wisdom we have, the more chances that we will make the correct decisions. Although wisdom is a powerful weapon, it can be over ridden by our ego’s. Hence we need to maintain a healthy ego which can sometimes supersede the call of wisdom. Ego runs riot in our system because a lot of it has to do with our emotions. Those which are unchecked like obsessions can sometimes hurt us.

Hence we have to be balanced. Thought culture from childhood itself can prove to be advantageous. Emotions are caused by thoughts, as you will recollect. I’m not saying that all emotions are bad. But those which arise out of fear are mostly harmful, except when fleeing from a predator. Thoughts that are analytic and applied can lead to wisdom. Basically, anything that takes us to our true north, can be termed as wisdom.

Gut feel coming out of a wise person, is not by chance. It’s simply the accumulation of wisdom in that gifted person. We all are gifted. Hence we all have the power to be wise. The more the merrier. A wise person is a happy person and contributes to the well being of society. So keep collecting the nuggets, till you become a wise person. Let the arrow of time, make you wiser.



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dream on till your dreams come true ...

Seasons come. Seasons go. In this, one thing that remains unabated is our dreams. Work towards it. Slow and steady. Some people have dreams, but lack the motivation and attitude to make it come true. For these people a change is mandated. A computer program is similar. It represents a dream of one or many people. It gets shaped through time. And finally when the program becomes ready, look at the ‘a-ha’ behind the many who wrote it.

In a similar way, we have dreams about ourselves. Regurgitate them every day. So no matter how the day has been, we still know where we are headed. Don’t let anyone convince you of otherwise. You are someone special and you have been ordained to do special things. Wait, but don’t hang up. The only distance between you and your dreams is your will. In the end, you won’t be known for your connections but the dream that you made come true.

This will stand the testament of time.  We have a very short life and too much to do. Take them one spoon at a time.  Just enough to be palatable to the senses. Drink  deeply from the well of life. Your experiences are a great way of spiritual communion. Learn from them. Apply the truths in your day to day life. Soon a character would be molded out of that.

And as years pass by, this character would be strong enough to weather any storm. Your personality will glow in the stage of life, as an achiever. Somebody who could steer from adversities and make his/her dream come true. Because finally that is all there is to it. We come into this world empty handed and go back empty handed. Nothing is ours, except our dream.

Dream on. Dream on till your dreams come true. (Aerosmith)


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tackling pain

As darkness is to light, pain is to love. Whatever pain that we are undergoing, is a reminder for us to return back to normal, which is love. Pain comes in various flavors: physical, emotional and mental. Some are chronic while some last seconds. There is a reason why we experience pain. Do you know the reason? Well, it’s nothing but a signal that something is not going right, the way it should.

Whether it’s a heart break or a headache, take refuge in God. He will alleviate your situation. Till that time, stay on. Bear it. It will make you stronger. When you come out of it, you will be a better person. God is very kind and generous. He does not give you the pain, but he sure has a solution to everything. For him, there is nothing in this universe that he cannot heal. Trust him to do what’s best for you.

It’s very hard for others around to see you going through a tough situation. When you are in pain, your loved ones also feel part of it, because they are attached to you. Pain thus can be like cancer. Malignant. Take all steps to lessen it. The best is requesting God to take it away. Of course, there is medication available today for most sorts of imbalances. However, do not doubt the Almighty’s role in it.

Some people seem to be stuck in a rut like situation. I’m talking about chronic pain - The kind that poisons your mind and body. Understand the root cause of pain. If you take steps to counter the root cause, you get a permanent cure. Some of the medicines just work on the symptoms, as a result of which the pain comes back. Don’t pop in that pill which gives you temporary relief. Look for eradicating the source. And pray to God that he may give you strength to counter it and an everlasting relief.

To your well-being,


Thursday, February 07, 2013

Keep your Ego in check

We all view others through a colored glass. This invisible glass is called the Ego. It is nothing but a filter which acts like a sieve through which we judge others. Our deep down beliefs, value systems, experience and opinions make up the Ego. If in a healthy state, it can be the source of joy, otherwise, we may be looking at a distorted reality.

Data is covered by information. Information in turn leads to knowledge. Knowledge when filtered through intelligence and experience leads to Wisdom. And finally whether to accept the call of wisdom is taken by the Ego. Thus the Ego can be very compelling. Sometimes it does not listen to the whispers of wisdom. Sooner or later, all hell breaks loose.

The way to wisdom is simple and subtle. Learn from the best friend – experience. True wisdom is the real knowledge of God, and having experienced this reality. The soul is above everything else, yes, even Ego. But the soul is a simple observer. It does not pass value judgments or get agitated. It simply sees everything the way it is. I’m sorry, not sees, experiences.

The Ego, however strong it may be, cannot catch hold of the soul. The Ego lives in this fear. It wants to be accepted the way it sees reality. Once we shed the spectacle of Ego from our system, we experience reality the way it is - the soul’s way. It simply means to see another person or event as a reflection of God. The other person is also a spark as you are, and needs to be treated the way you treat yourself. This maxim has been extolled in many a great books.  It’s quite simple. Dissolve Ego. Realize God.



Monday, January 21, 2013

The past and the present

What is the past, but a bunch of memories? Can we revisit the past and feel the same that we felt then? We do feel the past, but not with the same intensity that it was when we experienced it. Some of them forgotten and some that keep replaying in our minds. Everyone says that it is only this moment that matters. But what constitutes this present which is on its way of becoming the past?

The answer is time. We feel that time moves. Because, there is the past which we have and an unseen future ahead. The present is nothing but the feeling associated with it. When we involve ourselves deeply into anything we don’t feel the passage of time. And that makes us feel good. Now what is important is the action that makes us feel good.

We need to be able to list all the actions that make us feel good. Substitute one of these actions when we feel bad. And that is the trick. As long as we can constantly do this, we can remain in a good mood always. How do you classify action that is good? The answer is as long as they are congruent with the universal truths which have been extolled in scriptures and other scholarly books, they are.

The present can be well lived if we learn from the past. That is all that the past is useful for. Learn from it and then throw it away. Easier said than done. But the more we live in the present, the more we learn to live well. The past should not be a hindrance in our day to day activities. There is no point over-analyzing the past. Learn the lessons and welcome the present.