Sunday, May 26, 2013

Living in the ‘Now’

“And one day the eyes of your soul shall open, and you will know everything”. Something similar I read somewhere. These are quite powerful words. But when will that day come? The day is today and the time is now. You see mostly people keep postponing things for the future, which is yet to be. Will it happen then? We don’t know. But there is a shimmering hope that it will. We plan so much for our future. I will buy a house after 2 years. I will be promoted this year. I will buy that ruby necklace for my wife after 6 months. And on and on. The list keeps piling up. None of these is going to happen, if we don’t spend our time now in a constructive way.

You see, I’m not against planning. We must. But if we squander away the time that is right now and expect for things to happen, well, then that is a long shot. Too much of planning also spoils the fun. Once we know that we are set to achieve a plan, we must start working towards it. In the now. As you will realize, the now is the only thing that matters. The past is gone and the future is a pipe dream. IF you ask a crow what is the time , it will be surprised. It will say that the time is now. What else is there. I’m trying to bring your attention to the clock time that we are so obsessed with. 7:00 AM Get Up. 8:00 AM Breakfast. 6:30 PM Friends. And so on. We really cannot live without the clock.

Now for a moment don’t think of anything. Stay in this mode. Did you notice that time was still. We really need to give up our obsessive attachment to physical time and instead utilize the present in the most optimum way that we can. While working if we get distracted by thoughts then our wok will get hindered. Have you ever seen a painter work? When he paints his art, he whistles, not knowing that there may be people around him. Now that is work. Full concentration. So much so that you forget where you are. All that matters is the work. When the object and the subject merge together, we lose track of time and the result is born from the depths of creativity.

We all must work with our heart. If something is bothering us, we should leave that behind and focus entirely on the now. The day we escape time and ego (which causes it to happen) we will be transformed into a totally different personality. A calm and confident person. A serene and an alert individual. What we all need in this world is for this consciousness to set in. We do so many things in automatic mode out of habits that we have picked up through the years. Some of these needs to be shed away and to be replaced by more positive ones. And this physical time obsession needs to be given up. Because time doesn’t come and go. We do.

As felt now.


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