Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Emperor’s Mind

There is intelligence everywhere. I’m not referring it to intelligence of human beings, but that which is pervasive. It exists everywhere. Although we can’t see it, we know that it is there. How else do you explain a seed planted and nourished gives rise to a tree ? Or take our immune system. How does it manage trillions of activities within our body and keeps us away from harmful pathogens ? To date, we have not manufactured seeds that can become a tree without soil or water. This supreme intelligence is very subtle in its actions. We don’t see it, because it vanishes before we get to it. It’s neither ahead of us nor is it behind. Neither up, nor down. North, South, East, West. No where. Although, the paradox is that it is anywhere, it chooses to be.

What we call as intelligence is a toddler compared to this supreme intelligence. Physicists talk about a hidden field from which matter arises. The Higgs field. Some people say that we are looking at God’s mind. This field seems to be the thing through which God experiences everything. The field is omnipresent. Thus if you are sitting in a chair, as you experience the chair, the chair is also experiencing you. There is no difference between the observer and the observed. Your mind is arising from the same field. Classical physics seems to be like Sthula (Macro) and Quantum physics seems to be like Sukshma (Micro) aspects of this field. God applied to macro and the micro world. We are all a part of a sentient universe where not just aggregates (like us, the flora and the fauna) but also subatomic particles are sentient.

In the computer world, the intelligence used to reside in programs created by programmers. Now, that is not the case. There is intelligence within data. By this we mean there are hidden patterns. Applying different models, we mine the information. Intelligence that we are looking for in data, is nothing but the Higgs field within what we are observing. There may be some data which is outside our scope of what we are looking for. And then there is dark data. That which we are trying to extrapolate. What we refer to as data is no longer data or information or knowledge. We are looking at intelligence itself. To detect a pattern we may have to write an algorithm, but what if data arrives with intelligence. Then all that is left is, to apply our wisdom to it. And that is the future.

Data can be analysed and dissected. By applying different techniques, we can mine the data and represent it visually. But there is no use of this exercise, if we can’t derive a conclusion out of it. Machines today are learning the patterns within data through supervised and unsupervised methods. There are many techniques like regression, classification, fragmentation etc. that can be used to understand data better. Artificial intelligence is catching up fast. Soon we will have different layers of intelligence within data. This will be processed by the machines to help us make better decisions. Today, the intelligence resides in many places. For example, within the data in servers, at the network edges and a part of it in clients.(Heavy Javascript and apps)

All this may sound a little fuzzy, but the real intelligence that we are looking for is, in the experience of it. The ‘aha’ moment. And that experience is paramount to our search for true meaning. Real intelligence is, when we are aware of the force that pervades everywhere - the one and only true and highest form of intelligence. Finally, all intelligences arise from it’s cradle and make sense when they are consumed. And oh! By the way, this supreme intelligence is always on our side and wishes well for all of us.



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