Saturday, October 10, 2015

Travel mantra

I have been travelling the whole week, and here’s some tips for you when you travel the next time :

Research about your destination

Look at the map. Be aware of your final destination to your hotel/guest house route. See how long does it take to travel. If you plan to take a cab/bus/tube check the fare. Check the rules for tips or other addons. Learn to say in the local language, how are you, hello and thank you. If you carry a translator with you, well and good, else use google translate.

Gadget compatibility

Your power plug may not work in the destination. Get a global adapter. Check if you can afford to buy a global SIM card for your mobile phone. Else look at local SIM availability options. Carry a power bank, if the battery on your gadgets run out frequently. Do not use airport Wi-Fi. The messages are nor encrypted and there can be malware.

Strike a conversation with strangers

This is very important. Wherever you go, you come across different kind of people. Start with your hello’s and move on to other things that interest you. If language is a barrier, use the translator. Be considerate. Know that you are talking to a human just like you. For service personnel, tip them well.

The way of the warrior

Learn the manners of your destination. People sometimes arrive late in a meeting, which is taken as a rude gesture by some people, even if you have a valid reason. Arrive on time or earlier. Start early. Keep a margin of safety always. Dress up according to the need and be interactive when you deal with people.

About the Hotel / Guest House

Some of them do offer good service. But if you have checked into a budget hotel, they may not be that forthcoming or prompt. For example, the hotel where I was staying forgot to wake me up in the morning, although I had asked for a early wake up call. So carry your own alarm. You can set alarm in your mobile phone. Maybe the linen is not good or the food is not up to the mark. Research about the hotel before you book.

Carry your ID’s

ID’s are required by airlines and hotels as it is regulatory. So your passport or your social security card or your permanent account number may come inn handy. Most of the time your passport is good enough. About your visa – you may have to collect the original at the destination airport or your stamped / paper visa may be sufficient.

Treat people right

Remember that you are interacting with people who have the same physical needs as you. Their emotional needs may be different. Be aware that everyone has a story just like you and treat them from a considerate heart. Do not get angry or anxious. Enjoy the experience and leave behind an indelible mark with your honest and transparent interaction that you have with other souls.

Cheers for the next time you travel.


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