Wednesday, October 21, 2015

You are born twice

You are born twice. The first one – when you come out of your mother’s womb. The second one – when you realize your self. The day that your confusions vanish away and you see clearly who you are, is your second birthday. You will see a world where everywhere you can see your self and the whole of the universe within your self. From the focus on outside, you will turn inward. And suddenly you realize that all the answers are within your self. The distinction between you and what is outside of you will vanish. Your heightened sense of awareness will make you more peaceful and joyful. You will behold the world with a childish sense of awe, and you will feel gratitude flowing within you. You will feel existence as the biggest miracle that defies elucidation.

There are three main ways in which you can realize yourself:

  1. Through your actions
  2. Through knowledge
  3. Through devotion

Your daily actions without reflection will not take you there. You have to consciously do things. When you reach perfection in your skill, you will get an insight. This is the wisdom that you collect, as you go ahead in life. The more perfect you become in your actions, the more you will realize the truth. However self esteem should not turn into false pride. So beware of that.

There are people who learn about truth from the knowledge that they collect. When they see patterns (intelligence) within knowledge and find a simplistic method of assimilating all the knowledge that they are accumulating, it can lead to some insights. Say you are researching a topic. When you go to the depths and understand the subject from a 360 degree view, you will get an epiphany.

Some people are grateful to the Universe. When they feel this from the bottom of their heart, a strange thing begins to happen. They become more happy.  These people always think good about others and pray for not just themselves but everyone. The moment you start communicating with the Universe, you will find that you are being guided. It’s this awareness when sharpened becomes revelation.

For some people,  awareness seems to come and go. But there are people who live the awareness in all moments. The day you live like that is your real birthday – celebrate it, because the whole universe is flowering away and dancing to the tunes of life. Do not miss the boat. Once you get in the boat, know that the river is endless. So all you have to do is just paddle and then make way for other people who want to have the same experience.

Happy Birthday …


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