Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Be still and know that I’m God

All roads lead to Rome. It doesn’t matter what is the path that you walk on, they all lead to God. Every single one of us have our own paths. Some are way ahead, some are lagging behind. The destination is not important, the journey is. Keep walking and enjoy the experience. It’s not for a far out goal that we live. It’s for the sheer ecstasy that we feel when we walk on the path. In this path, you may come across detours. Simply take it. Do not wait to think. Feel it. Feel everything around you. Smell the earth, hear the rustle of the leaves, hear the chirps of the birds. What if you are in a city ? While you are driving, feel how you control the car. Hear the various sounds that emanate from your car. Turn on the music. Look around the scenery. Feel the wind in the face. Or simply hail God’s name while you are driving or walking or shopping. This is called Dhikr in Islam (Remembrance of Allah) and Japam in Hinduism. If you have a mantra reiterate it. Maybe prayer verses. You will find an immense amount of peace dawn upon you. Next time you are tense, just take two deep breaths and remember God.

There is only one purpose in life for all of us. And that is to experience God and his mysterious ways. We have to go through life simply with awareness. Knowing that we are not separate from others. We all are connected through a single fabric. Hopi Indians mention about the Spider Mother, how She weaved an infinite web in the beginning. We are all part of this web and hence connected to each other.  What is our individual identity – nothing – it’s just a bundle of thoughts arising in the mind that gives us a sense of separateness from everything else. The actual – us – is simply consciousness. So are all those transient things and life forms around us. There are different levels of consciousness. For example, we as human beings are aware of our existence. We are all at different stages of evolution. When we perceive the power of God in all that’s around us, including people, our life takes on a special meaning. We automatically radiate peace, love and equanimity.

To achieve this level of awareness is not a simple task. Because the mind is like a drunken monkey, over and above which, the monkey is bit by a snake. Imagine the conundrum. But the mind can be quietened by practices like meditation or yoga. Simply engaging ourselves in our work is another way of experiencing God. In the Bible it is said ‘Be still and know that I’m God’. When you forsake the endless thoughts running in your mind, what is simply left is nothing but consciousness. When the mind ceases to be, we realize Him/Her. And as our progress in quietening the mind increases, we find ourselves to be fulfilled. The mind should be used only as a problem solving tool. Do not let it run your life. Because life is a beautiful dream to be lived fully. Life is qualitative in nature. So drink deep from the fountain called life. This life as a form that has been given to us, is to contemplate God. To experience Him/Her in it’s entirety.

We affect everything around us. An experiment carried out by some scientists was to have a jar full of photons, the air having been sucked out. When you try to observe them they are in chaos state. Then the scientist’s introduced a piece of DNA inside the jar. Suddenly all the photons formed a pattern. This proves that DNA an influence particles like photons. Surprisingly, when the DNA was removed from the jar, the photons were still in arrangement. Another experiment in quantum physics was to split a photon into two particles. These two photons were fired away in opposite directions. When a fork came, both the photons chose the same path. This was repeated again and again. How do the photons choose the same path, although being separated. They seem to be communicating with each other, although separated.This phenomenon is called quantum entanglement. Which simply means that space time does not become a limitation for particles which are separated. This exercise proves that we are all connected with everything in the Universe. Despite knowing that we are all divine creatures, we bicker over territory, go to war and misuse our brains.

However, there is a global awakening happening. We are feeling it in the innards of our selves. To solve the petty problems of mankind, we have to raise ourselves and learn that not only are we blessed, everything around us is. We are living in a sacred universe, which reveals itself to us, when it deems us fit to receive the revelation. Till then.

Keep on keeping on …


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