Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How to get to God

Consider that you have to drink coconut water. What do you do ? You break open the coconut and then you drink the water, right. If you have seen a coconut that grows on a coconut tree, you will see that it is a 3 step process :

  • Peel the outer layer (fibre)
  • Break the second layer (hard shell and the eatable part of the coconut)
  • Get the water

God is like that coconut water. To experience the taste, you have to break open 8 layers :

Layer 1 : Earth

Your physical body and all the organs are made of this substance. You have to know that when you die, you came from Earth and you go back to Earth.

Layer 2 : Water

72% of your body is made of water. Water has memory. For example, if you keep water near a positive person, when you freeze it, it will form fine crystals. When you keep it near a negative person, and then you freeze it, it forms disturbing patterns. This is scientifically proven.

Layer 3 : Air

We breathe air. Every second you breathe in quadzillion atoms and you breathe out also the same number. Your body absorbs this air and passes the oxygen from the lungs to various parts. So every moment you are changing, one major reason, being Air.

Layer 4 : Fire

About 4% of our body is made of this substance. For example, to digest food, you require hydrochloric acid. In effect, it is fire that makes the digestion possible.

Layer 5 : Akasha (space)

Along with the above four elements, there is lot of empty space in between. This is Akasha, or in other words pure Space (Vaccum) – some people refer to it as Dark Matter or Dark Energy. Although, we don’t know much about it, to date.

Layer 6 : Aham

This is your memory. Your baggage. Some people also call it as Ego. Ego is not always bad, although a form of it called Ahamkara (false pride) is.

Layer 7 : Consciousness

This is our Soul. The one who is aware. For example who is the person who makes the eyes see, or who is the person that makes the ear hear. That’s you consciousness.

Layer 8 : Nature

This is the external perception of the mind. Whatever is out there, is real, but we perceive only a part that is filtered by our mind. In the penultimate stage of meditation, we see the boundary between consciousness and nature vanish.

And if you succeed to see through all these layers, you will taste the essence of this life, which is nothing but God.

In Computer science classes you are taught about the OSI Network layer made of 7 parts: The deepest is the hardware ; consider that God is that hardware that you are looking for final emancipation.

To your journey …


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