Sunday, October 25, 2015

Love makes the world go around

I don’t know much

But I know I love you

That may be, all I need to know

(English Romantic Song)

Knowledge is passé. You can find it all on the internet. One thing that the internet does not give you is Wisdom – your ability to discriminate between what is good and bad. Wisdom coming from a love angle is very powerful. It can benefit not just yourself but the whole world. Love is a feeling of expansiveness, peace and equanimity. All you need to do is love others as much as you love yourself. Deep down we are all beings of love. But it gets shrouded in the worldly affairs. Like a violet gets hidden behind a mossy stone, love is also hidden away in the depths of our being. Let it awaken. See the world through love. Speak the heart’s language. Because the heart has wisdom that the mind does not. Love is that universal language that we all are capable of, but don’t practice it in a moment to moment fashion. We are so inundated with the surroundings and our perceptions, that we forget to see things from the heart. Instead we judge and criticize. Hate can only be cured by love.

Do not wander here and there. See the world through the eyes of love and see how things around you change. If there is a prayer that we should say to God, it should be to feel love always, no matter what the situation may be. Love is infectious. If you radiate love in your surroundings, you become a magnet. You will trigger everything around you, to feel it. This not only includes human  beings, but the entire flora and fauna. Love is not something that is within you or outside of you. It permeates everywhere. In other words, love is the effect of consciousness. We feel it. But can’t describe it. The Supreme Being of which we are a part, is made up of Love – in entirety. The field as well as the knower of field is made up of love molecules. It takes up different forms for the experience of itself. Every single moment we are bathed in love. When we are in love there is a strong supply of Oxytocin in our blood. This is the chemistry. But what triggers that Oxytocin is our state of mind.

Helen Keller once said “The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” Stay in that feeling. The heart wants what it wants. There is no reason that can be applied to it. Love makes us open up. We become more vulnerable. But somebody once said “Its better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” This opening up of the inner chambers of our heart is worth the risk of rejection. When we truly come from love, there is no stopping it. And this language is the universal language. Like we have the US dollar as the reserve currency, the currency of the universe is Love. And that is the only currency that we need to possess. Maybe all the time, we are not radiating warmth, but just change your frequency level and see how you were born to do only one thing – spread love. That has been the message of all prophets. Love is prime time. This fashion never goes out of vogue.

A small cuddly hug, a speech heard with empathy, a look of love and all the small gestures that can make the world a better place – go ahead – do it. The imminent need of today’s problems worldwide can be solved only with Love. It’s a panacea. And when all of us are elevated to this level – the awakening will happen. It’s not our education. Neither is it the knowledge that we have acquired. It’s all about experience. The more that we have experiences of love, the more we grow. A simple smile is all it takes to spread it. Mahatma Gandhi once said “Where there is love, there is life” and you can imagine what a powerhouse of love, he was. If you look at all the crimes being committed by people, it’s because of a lack of love. Of course, these people also feel love. But it is so covered up by their psyche, that they entirely subjugate it and listen to the voices in their head. What the world needs today is a good solid dose of love and only we can make it happen, if we practice spreading love wherever we go.

Lovingly yours,


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