Monday, October 19, 2015

7 steps to stay happy

Happiness is a feeling. Joy is an emotion. The difference being that happiness is deeply engrained into our psyche. It is permanent. Whereas Joy is a fleeting glimpse of happiness. We do several things to be joyful. But it doesn’t stay forever. What we should be aiming for is happiness -  a state of mind when we feel peace and joy, always. So here are some tips for you to stay happy :

Remember God always.

Come from the angle that God is everywhere. This simple awareness can make you feel at ease, no matter whatever be the situation. When you get a break, just reminisce God. There are some people who keep talking to God always. Just hear that voice in the quietness, guiding you to your destination.

Stay Calm.

An event is not good or bad. It’s our interpretation that makes it good or bad. So whatever you may come across in a day, be firmly planted in awareness. The event you may not be able to control, but the reaction to it is for you to choose. So stay calm.

Let that mind chatter stop

An average of 25,000 thoughts cross our mind everyday. Thoughts in turn fire emotions. What you feel is actually what you have been thinking about. So anytime the thoughts start chatter in your brain, come back to being the witness. Do not judge or criticize them. Let it pass. Just observe. You will be quiet very soon. Remember, you are not your thoughts, but awareness itself.

Follow a schedule

From the time that you wake up to the moment that you fall asleep, keep a schedule for yourself. For eg: you drink a warm cup of lemon water in the morning, then you grab a cup of coffee and then you get ready for work etc. The routine is good, but do not overstretch it or under do it. Be realistic about what you have to accomplish in a day and then just follow it. Once in a while, break the routine.

Eat good food and drink plenty of water

You should always eat fresh food. Stop eating the refrigerated food. Do not skip a wholesome breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drink a lot of water. On an average 2 litres per day. While eating or drinking, feel the food and the water. Did you know that your thoughts get affected by the kind of food you eat?

Reflect on the day

Before the end of the day, analyse what happened. Learn from it. You may have made a mistake or you may have handled situations very well. Whatever it may be, recollect it and reflect on it. These are life lessons. Learn from mistakes and amplify your positive attributes.

Get a good night’s sleep

Sleeping well is an essential requirement. While in sleep, our body rejuvenates itself, does damage repair and cleans all toxins in our system. Aim for a deep sleep. Before going to sleep, do not think of unwanted things. Put all your botheration's to rest and sleep like a baby. Average recommended sleep hours : six hours.

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