Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012

One more year has gone by, and we anxiously await what’s in store for us in the coming new year. Here’s my wish for you. May all that you have dreamed of become true in the year to come. Let all your uncertainties be laid to rest and let Ganesha bless you with a year full of happiness. May he also clear all your obstacles and make a clear road for you.

I also wish that you climb the ladder of success and find true peace and joy at the pinnacle of your path. For those who have found a soul mate, may you get closer and for those who haven’t may the bells ring for you. May this year also bring you a lot of financial success and let the financial wisdom of the gurus dawn on you in 2012.

All your plans would materialize as you wish and let there always be a smile on your face. Good health and lots of wealth for you in the coming year. May your kids rise up to ranks of glory and in turn make you a happy parent. May you find nature’s abundant blessings on your side, and for the holidays let them all be a bash.

Finally I pray that may God bless you with whatever you desire and let him also show you the way to his heart. Hope that the year would also bring in surprises fully conducive to your dreams. God has already blessed you, and let him be there with you in every celebration of yours. He is there in tough times also, but for you let this be a year full of good times.

May you always rock and roll …

Wishing you a happy 2012.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don't take all that pain

No pain. No gain. That’s what they say at the gym. Well, this does not apply to life. You can shed all your mental pain by allowing it to be. Physical pain is something that may require treatment. The reason for the mental pain is none other than our mind. It makes mountains out of mole hills. Stop letting your mind play with you.

Sometimes mental pain is worse than the physical one. To remove mental pain there is no aspirin. The only person who can make it vanish is you. Change your thoughts. Learn to be more compassionate. This will flush out most of the gremlins out of your system. The other thing you can try is meditation. That will bring a lot of peace to you.

Do not live with pain. That’s not your natural body condition. You should feel light every moment and also be full of energy. Divert this energy into useful work. The more you accomplish goals the better you will feel. Do not be idle. As you must have heard, ‘An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop’. It’s true except for the fact that there is no such thing as the devil.

Joy is what you need in life. A plenty of it. I understand that there will be hurtful memories of the past. All you can do for that is not to reminisce it. Spit it out. Think positive. Get engaged in some activity that makes you happy. Maybe that’s shopping or gardening or whatever. Ideally speaking, you can achieve 0% pain in your life time. Just work towards it.

Best Wishes.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ready for action ?

Rivulets of water join to become a river. The rivers merge into the sea and the sea into the ocean. Although the ocean seems intimidating, the same water that started as a small rivulet finds place in it. In the same way we are all individual souls that may be a part of a group soul and finally merge into the universal soul which we call as God.

Like a wave is a part of the ocean, we are also part and parcel of the universal soul. There is nothing outside the universal soul. Everything finds a place in it, including rocks and stones also. Not that they don’t have a soul. They vibrate at a very low rate hence they seem lifeless to us. Likewise, there are no corners or bends. They are all the conception of the mind.

As we are all part of the universal soul, we have limitless potential. We are all born with some attributes. But there is nothing under the sun that we cannot learn. There is no such thing as a born leader or scientist. If we desire to be something and are willing to work for it, there is no force in the universe that can stop us.
In fact, if we make up our mind, the universal forces come to our assistance.

If you have heard from others that you are not good at this or that, simply ignore it. If you put your mind to it, you will turn the tables. We have deliberately been given the power of choice. But the only rider – we have to act. Remember a pond gets stagnated, but a flowing river never does, because it’s in an action mode always. Be ready for action. Jump into the pool. Don’t waste too much time thinking.

Love and Peace


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You are a love magnet

You were born to love and to be loved. This is the ultimate truth. Do not settle for anything less. This world may seem brutal and hostile. But don’t let the experiences of this world rub off your innocence. You are born immaculate. Let not the world make a dent on your soul. Technically speaking, it can’t. But we mistake our experiences for ourselves.

The lack that you find in others is because you lack the same. Like a sculptor who carves away the unwanted pieces to arrive at a result, you have to let go of your experiences. The thing that you value uppermost should be the experience of love. One good way to achieve this is by giving. You will find a lot of joy in giving. Do not expect anything in return.

When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you will find love today. Love for yourself, others and God. Don’t let this world make you laconic. Your soul is your identity and all it wants to experience is the ecstasy of love. Learn to surrender to your beloved, to God and, first things first, to yourself.

Have you heard the John Lennon song ‘Let it be’? Just watch all encounters of the day like an observer who doesn’t judge. Don’t let them affect you. Maintain your tranquility, no matter what you have to face. You are so full of love that if you send it out, the whole world will rejoice and it will be Christmas every day. Nothing else matters.

May you usher in love always …


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is there life out there ?

I think there is life out there in space. Otherwise it will be such a waste. So many planets and stars without life. Sigh! Our Earth is just one of the planets where life has evolved. Or has it really? We don’t know about life on other planets. How evolved are they? Only time will tell. I have an inkling that we will find this out in the 21st century itself.

The other thing that I believe is that we will be able to travel faster than light. Einstein’s cap of light speed is not valid. Recently, scientists discovered that neutrinos can travel faster than light. Also we are close to discovering the Higgs-Boson particle (a.k.a The God particle) which may be able to explain to us the nature of matter.

Imagine if the speed of light were the limit of space travel then the nearest star Alpha Centauri is 4.2 years away, if we travel at the speed of light. That way we will need at least a million years just to discover all the stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way. I think there is something called thought travel, which we haven’t discovered yet.

Like they say in Star-Trek, space the final frontier. Always when I look up at the sky, I keep wondering what kind of life would be there in other planets. The Klingons, the Vulcans and what not. I’m thrilled to wait for the time when we make contact with the first intelligent life forms. Maybe they will be able to show us things that we don’t know of yet.

The possibilities are endless.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rest if you must, but don't you quit

I read this somewhere ‘If life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade out of it’. Do not complain that you wanted orange instead of lemon. Make the best possible use of your skills, the gift that God has given you. The only reason you are in this situation is because of you, nobody else. Accept full responsibility for your present condition and then move on.

The first thing you need to do at any point of time (in case you haven’t) is to understand yourself. What makes you happy, what makes you sad? What lifts you up, what irritates you? Choose the positive. Here’s the yard stick about happiness. Skills you have been given will naturally lead you into this. Comprehend that and then plan.

First of all, the long term plan. Imagine yourself at the peak of your success. I mean really feel it. Maybe you want to fight for the rights of the downtrodden or maybe you want to be the best businessman award. All possible. There are no limits to what you can achieve. Now envisage the scene in vivid prose. Write it down if you want. Feel it. Set a target say 20 years from now.

And now, for the short term plan. Remember you have to pay the bills first. If you are happy in the process that does that, then stick to it. In between analyze if this job or business or consulting or whatever it is that you do is aligned with your long term vision. If it is not, then you have to think of a change (whenever) else pursue it.

Be perseverant. Work hard towards your dreams. Pray to God. Soon you will find that you will get whatever it is that you desire for.



Monday, December 12, 2011

Music is divine

If music be the food of love, play on. Music is divine. Anything with 7 in it is. I’m referring to the 7 notes. In the same way, light also has 7 colors and hence is heavenly. The Gandharvas are the celestial musicians of heaven. It’s said that they can make clouds rain by playing certain kind of melodies called ragas. Likewise we have heard stories of musicians who have lit up candles by playing their music.

Such is devotion. When the intensity of dedication is sharp fervent music can be lethal. So much, so that, we can shed tears of joy just listening to it. Music has evolved into many branches today. The use of instruments seems to be overtaking lyrical compositions. If you ever heard the song ‘Kashmir’ by Led Zep (Version with Indian instruments) you know what I’m talking about.

Music tends to infinity. There are no limits to the combinations. In Indian films, music is of paramount importance. It’s difficult to find movies without songs in India. In fact even scenes in a movie have background music in order to enhance the effect. Where would we be without music? Have you heard people whistling away their favorite songs when they work?

If you are a music lover, it’s a good pastime for you. Get yourself a nice Dolby 5.1 with Bose speakers and you are all set. I used to be a music fanatic in my hey-days. Now I listen to those songs not so frequently. But I love the radio. Party time is when the music plays high. So buckle up your shoes and groove to the music every time for a celebration.

Keep it playing always …


Never ever say you are alone

I cannot say enough to thank God for all the wonders that he has given us. Light, Music, Birds, Animals, Beaches, Mountains and the list goes on. The best part is they are all free. He also sends down rain and snow. Isn’t nature fabulous? I still remember my trip to the mountains in rain where I got to see so many insects, a water spring and a mystic lake.

These and many other things given to us by God, still we keep asking for more. This world is miraculous. Still we ask for more miracles. Whatever God has created, they are all positive. In fact there is nothing negative in this world. God is the peak of that positive experience. Ever stared down a valley from the top of a mountain, and you were in awe at the breathtaking scene.

Every single thing carefully created by God. Now that includes us human beings also. We are the most benefited of all, because he gave us free will. Not that he does not have a plan for us. But he has given us the power to override that and pursue whatever we consider is right for us. The least we can do is thank him.

God even doesn’t expect that. He just wants us to be happy. He is a SantaClaus 365 days a year, not just during Christmas. He is beyond comparison, simply because everything is his kingdom. He is our care taker and our hope. Everything under his shade is blessed, which means simply every one of his creations. In short we are living in a world of marvel.

Hence, never ever say you are alone.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Save the kids

Look into the eyes of a kid. You will find innocence. And in their smile, you will find the world’s most beautiful treasure. We should not rob children of their rights. Right to eat three square meals a day, right to go to a school and right to healthcare. I really wish that these were free for all children in the world. Whose responsibility is it? The government and the individual.

I do not know if countries have a special budget for this. The welfare of children should not just be in the hands of some NGO’s, it’s but a nation’s responsibility. And by that I mean every single individual of a country. When I see urchins on the street, I feel helpless. How much can a single individual or a group do? At the same time if they were covered by my nation’s government, things would be better.

In countries like Afghanisthan, a kid gets a real gun at the age of 5, when he should be playing with a toy. In Africa, there is so much of malnutrition and HIV+ children, the numbers would scare you. And still the inequality goes on. People shrug off the problem, because it’s not in their courtyard. We are 7 billion people now. That means more contributors and more receivers.

If there was a magic wand that could wash away the sorrows it would be great. Or we could’ve called Aladdin by rubbing the proverbial lamp to give us a solution. Here’s what I propose. A generous 1% cut from all our incomes to address this. But I really do not know if that will be sufficient. I know there are lot of people who are doing their part. But we need more of such people who can spread joy to our little angels. The dreams of many dreamers would come true one day. I’m sure of this.

With love and gratitude


Saturday, December 10, 2011

The auspicious moment

There is no such thing as an auspicious moment. All moments are auspicious, because they happen in the presence of God. Yes, the intention of the person should be pure. Else we get trapped by planetary influences. But whether a planet is benefic or malefic, the result is for our own good. All planets influence us in a positive way.

If your Saturn is in the 2nd house, it’s said that financial difficulties may arise. Well, not for everyone. Those who have already learnt the lesson will remain unscathed, while others have to be more prudent with their finances. This is what Saturn (ruled by Lord Shiva) teaches you. In the same way, all planets teach us different lessons.

In the Hindu calendar, there is a day called Akshaya Tritiya. On this day, all marriages or activities can take place during anytime. There is no muhurat (auspicious time) when an activity should be undertaken. Well, for a person whose effort and intention is pure, all days are Akshaya Tritya, however difficult a position your planets may be in.

Mind you, there is no such thing as an evil planet or a bad influence. All planets have something to teach us in order for us to evolve to the next stage. As we keep evolving, we journey towards God. Every single being has his own journey. The destination is not the goal, walking on the path is. Hence all activities should be done in a sincere full hearted attempt remembering God.

To your voyage …


Friday, December 09, 2011

Controlling yourself

Like a bike does not have a reverse gear, the spoken word also has just one direction viz. ahead. Hence be careful when you speak. Do you know why God has given us 2 ears and 1 mouth? So that we can hear more than we talk. Similarly your body language can reveal a lot about you. What you think affects your emotions and emotions control the body language.

Your body is a temple. Let only positive feelings radiate out of it. Feelings of cheerfulness, joy and love. Let them be your foundation. Like a river that whispers the same sound to everyone, your temple should be the same to all. Let it not be partial. Some people also call it your character. Yes, that can make a difference. A strong ship does not rock.

While you may be in the grip of many different emotions in a day, only let the positive ones linger. For example, if you are angry, cut it out. Think of a place that brings solace to you. Like a beach or mountains. If something spreads a beautiful smile on your face, well, go for it. People around you would also feel elated.

While much of life is spent in emotions, do not make them the cornerstone of your life. Instead, learn thought control. Take off some time and watch your thoughts without prejudice. You will come to know that thoughts are running a riot in your system. Keep watching them. Soon they will subside and you will feel peaceful. Thoughts trigger emotions. Hence root out the negative thoughts.

Slowly and steadily, you will be able to do it.



Thursday, December 08, 2011

What does God think of the internet

“I will never forget you. I have carved your name on the palm of my hand” (Isaiah)

Have you heard of Nadi astrology? It seems there is a place where they have some writings on papyrus which is for everyone. This means if you go in search of your nadi, you will find it there. Not only does it mention about your past, present and future but also the date and time when you will visit that place. Although I haven’t tried mine, I felt it very baffling.

The world itself is such an enigmatic place, but the internet is the very opposite. But what peddles on the internet may really not be true. News doesn’t fulfill us. We all need real work. Agreed that from a utilitarian aspect, the internet is great, but is a picture of a beach as good as going to the beach itself? The internet starts it off in a predatory sense.

One aspect about the internet that I admire is the free flow of information. Some true and some falsified. Overall it connects us with some great individuals where they are able to share their writings, pictures and videos with us. I would say that the internet is the world’s largest democracy, although some flavors of it find restrictions in some places.

It seems that Google has an answer for every question on our mind or something quite close. Facebook connects so many people that friendship has taken a new meaning altogether. What we miss out, is the connection of internet to God. Well, so many people benefit from this phenomenon, that if I were to ask God, is internet your voice too? The reply I think would be ‘Amen’, mostly.

Towards a more interconnected world.


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The mystery of the color black

The color black has a strange charm. Black is both an absence of color as well as all colors included. For example, when night comes, which is an absence of sunlight, we perceive the sky as black in color. Also when there is light, an object which absorbs all the wavelengths of the colors, we see the object as black. Black is also the color we are advised not to meditate on.

Sadness is denoted by gray, a shade of black. Stains are also black. Batman wears black. Black is a color misconstrued with evil. In fact, there is no such thing as evil. People are not evil, some of their actions are. Every one of us is a child of the light. We come from light, we go back into light. Black simply does not exist in God’s world.

What appears to be black is an illusion. Darkness is easily removed by light. Hence do not curse the darkness. It’s like ignorance and knowledge. Ignorance is only removed by shining the light of knowledge on it. Knowledge in the hands of the wise can be lethal. Some say ignorance is bliss. I disagree. Knowledge is what has helped us conquer this world and the worlds to come.

A windows or a Mac computer has a white background, because it looks good. A black background would have saved a lot of energy. Maybe in the next versions. Some people think that death is also associated with black color. That would be unfair on death, because death carries us to other realms where there is no black color. In fact these worlds are flooded by light, If not white, maybe an azure hue.



Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The art of a peaceful life

Let me tell you the secret to living a peaceful life. This very moment, forgive everyone who has hurt you. Do not nurse a grudge too long. It’s damaging for your health. You really don’t have to kick ass to get even. There’s a better way. Do some social service instead. Sponsor a kid. Give money to the needy. You will feel better. This much I can guarantee you.

Be involved. Don’t have any free time. Keep your thoughts under control. When you harbor hateful feelings, they take you down. Feelings of resent or anger is not good. Let go. Let me repeat, let go. You will be a much better person. Focus your energy towards positive things. Go learn something. Tend a garden. Bring home a pet. Or simply spend time in the park watching the kids play.

Do according to what suits you best. Don’t be preoccupied with any thought. Let life un-flower in front of your eyes at its own pace. Like you savor a cup of tea or coffee, taste life, every instant. Is it sending you a hidden message? Perhaps. God keeps communicating with us in mysterious ways. Talk to him when you catch a bus or a train or maybe when you are on a stroll.

Remember, there is really only one person with you throughout this life. And that is God. Rest are all support structures. Your walk towards him, is yours only. Nobody can walk for you. It’s your life. Mould it the way you want it. Make it or break it. Be wise. Discover God. You will find that he is the only friend that you will ever need.

To your awakening …


Monday, December 05, 2011

You are a gifted being

Is there such a thing as a moral code of conduct? I’m afraid not. It varies from one geography to another. It varies from one sect to another. But if you study religions, one thing that all of them seem to have in common is the path of goodness. Positive v/s Negative. Although the duality is apparent, one thing that comes through clear is the way to reach God. Positive seems to be near.

It’s true if you see it in the electromagnetic context. Atoms are made up of a nucleus which holds the neutron and the positively charged protons and the negatively charged electrons go around the nucleus. Neutron which does not have a charge is akin to God. Positively charged protons are like good qualities. They are placed near God. And electrons the negative qualities keep revolving without rest.

Inside each of us is, all these particles. Goodness will definitely take us further down the path of liberation, but it won’t be nirvana. To achieve that, we have to transcend goodness. In the hindu texts it’s called Sattva. Sattvic people are very pleasant and accommodating. They think good for themselves and others. Good begets good.

But there is a whole world beyond good and bad. In God’s world, there is no good or bad. He is equal to all. Like the sunlight that does not discriminate between the rich and the poor. An animal like a dog can never achieve that ultimate. Only human beings can. Hence celebrate this birth. Even mortals in heaven desire to take human birth. We are all special as we have the power to reach God with practiced effort. Hence embrace all moments with arms wide open. You are not a blip on the radar. You are the radar.

My salute to the neutron inside each of you …


Saturday, December 03, 2011

A feeling of ecstasy

I felt it again today. A feeling of bliss descended down on me when I was returning back home in an autorickshaw. (A three legged car) I don’t know how to describe it, but the closest it comes to, is a feeling of peace all over. I was so exhilarated that I felt like I might die. But there was no fear and no commotion. The feeling lasted for about half an hour.

Then I came back to normal. Felt like I had been robbed of a great treasure. My mind started making noise again. Why doesn’t the feeling last forever? Time to meditate I think. But this feeling that I had encountered was when I was not in a meditative mood. The feeling is such that I long for it every day and every hour now.

I was wondering what will happen if every one of us, were to spend our time in such a setting. All would be pacified and there will be no sorrow in the world. In fact the feeling of oneness with the world during these bliss attacks is tremendous. Joy at it’s peak. Now I’m trying to find a way to make it last forever. Hope I succeed in that.

If you want to know what thoughts crossed my mind, I can’t remember any. In fact there were no thoughts. Just a feeling of goodness all over. No, I don’t dope in case you think it was morphine. I just wish that the every one get this feeling of being on the top of the world. It’s a lifetime worth of gifts. And there is none like it.

To a blissful world,


Friday, December 02, 2011

An angel's whisper

With every mystic morning comes a bunch of surprises waiting to take us to the next level. Some religions say that there are angels who get their counsel from God in the morning before sunrise and they award us with the surprises waiting in store for us. Every morning when I get up, I try to surmise what would be in my list for the day.

The way I look at it, there is a revelation in each of these amazements. We should be consciously on the lookout for the learning’s of the day. For every day ends with a theme for everyone. For some, the highlight is about work and for some romance and for others something else. I wouldn’t even term them as learning’s. They are actually earnings in our account.

A rich man told me that we should accumulate assets in our life. Apparently, these earnings are all assets, if they result in something positive concretely. Those which are open are yet to become assets. Fortunately the day does not bring any liabilities in a holistic sense, if I may. There are no negative learning’s because everything happens for the better.

Be grounded in this attitude. Let me repeat. Everything happens for the best. Maybe it’s been a tiring day for you. But there are still lessons. Before going to sleep, or under a hot evening shower, think of what the day brought for you. Learn the lesson and then be grateful to God that you received this today. Because you really don’t know what’s in your fate for tomorrow and the days to come.

May your guardian angel make true all your wishes for the future.


Thursday, December 01, 2011

Getting rid of fear

When you try to do something, do you find that there is something that’s holding you back? It can only be fear. Fear has friends like guilt, nervousness, depression etc. Do not get into any of these. First of all be convinced that this life is very well worth living. There are so many good things you can focus your time and energy on, than worrying about bad things.

The highest emotion that we can live out of, is love. Love for ourselves, for others, for God. You are not just a bunch of bones and flesh which is going to be exterminated one day. You are much more than that. You have come from divinity. Hence you are pure potential. Some people say that, what we are afraid of deep within, is light not darkness, because light has the potential to change the world.

Here’s what I have found useful. When you face fear, take 2 deep breaths or count from 1 to 10. It almost always works. Do you remember what the Bible says “Fear not, for I’m with you”. This is God’s promise. If he is pervading everywhere then why fear? Do not let this emotion ruin your life, because it has ruined most of the world.

Always be in a positive state of mind. Let your vibrations bring joy to others. Bury angry. Be courageous. Make a positive difference in the world. The size does not matter. What matters is the intention. You have been endowed with unlimited power. Act on it. Don’t let the energy go waste. Simply, because you are destined to be great, and that is your original inheritance.

Love and Peace.