Thursday, December 08, 2011

What does God think of the internet

“I will never forget you. I have carved your name on the palm of my hand” (Isaiah)

Have you heard of Nadi astrology? It seems there is a place where they have some writings on papyrus which is for everyone. This means if you go in search of your nadi, you will find it there. Not only does it mention about your past, present and future but also the date and time when you will visit that place. Although I haven’t tried mine, I felt it very baffling.

The world itself is such an enigmatic place, but the internet is the very opposite. But what peddles on the internet may really not be true. News doesn’t fulfill us. We all need real work. Agreed that from a utilitarian aspect, the internet is great, but is a picture of a beach as good as going to the beach itself? The internet starts it off in a predatory sense.

One aspect about the internet that I admire is the free flow of information. Some true and some falsified. Overall it connects us with some great individuals where they are able to share their writings, pictures and videos with us. I would say that the internet is the world’s largest democracy, although some flavors of it find restrictions in some places.

It seems that Google has an answer for every question on our mind or something quite close. Facebook connects so many people that friendship has taken a new meaning altogether. What we miss out, is the connection of internet to God. Well, so many people benefit from this phenomenon, that if I were to ask God, is internet your voice too? The reply I think would be ‘Amen’, mostly.

Towards a more interconnected world.


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