Saturday, December 10, 2011

The auspicious moment

There is no such thing as an auspicious moment. All moments are auspicious, because they happen in the presence of God. Yes, the intention of the person should be pure. Else we get trapped by planetary influences. But whether a planet is benefic or malefic, the result is for our own good. All planets influence us in a positive way.

If your Saturn is in the 2nd house, it’s said that financial difficulties may arise. Well, not for everyone. Those who have already learnt the lesson will remain unscathed, while others have to be more prudent with their finances. This is what Saturn (ruled by Lord Shiva) teaches you. In the same way, all planets teach us different lessons.

In the Hindu calendar, there is a day called Akshaya Tritiya. On this day, all marriages or activities can take place during anytime. There is no muhurat (auspicious time) when an activity should be undertaken. Well, for a person whose effort and intention is pure, all days are Akshaya Tritya, however difficult a position your planets may be in.

Mind you, there is no such thing as an evil planet or a bad influence. All planets have something to teach us in order for us to evolve to the next stage. As we keep evolving, we journey towards God. Every single being has his own journey. The destination is not the goal, walking on the path is. Hence all activities should be done in a sincere full hearted attempt remembering God.

To your voyage …


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