Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don't take all that pain

No pain. No gain. That’s what they say at the gym. Well, this does not apply to life. You can shed all your mental pain by allowing it to be. Physical pain is something that may require treatment. The reason for the mental pain is none other than our mind. It makes mountains out of mole hills. Stop letting your mind play with you.

Sometimes mental pain is worse than the physical one. To remove mental pain there is no aspirin. The only person who can make it vanish is you. Change your thoughts. Learn to be more compassionate. This will flush out most of the gremlins out of your system. The other thing you can try is meditation. That will bring a lot of peace to you.

Do not live with pain. That’s not your natural body condition. You should feel light every moment and also be full of energy. Divert this energy into useful work. The more you accomplish goals the better you will feel. Do not be idle. As you must have heard, ‘An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop’. It’s true except for the fact that there is no such thing as the devil.

Joy is what you need in life. A plenty of it. I understand that there will be hurtful memories of the past. All you can do for that is not to reminisce it. Spit it out. Think positive. Get engaged in some activity that makes you happy. Maybe that’s shopping or gardening or whatever. Ideally speaking, you can achieve 0% pain in your life time. Just work towards it.

Best Wishes.


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