Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The art of a peaceful life

Let me tell you the secret to living a peaceful life. This very moment, forgive everyone who has hurt you. Do not nurse a grudge too long. It’s damaging for your health. You really don’t have to kick ass to get even. There’s a better way. Do some social service instead. Sponsor a kid. Give money to the needy. You will feel better. This much I can guarantee you.

Be involved. Don’t have any free time. Keep your thoughts under control. When you harbor hateful feelings, they take you down. Feelings of resent or anger is not good. Let go. Let me repeat, let go. You will be a much better person. Focus your energy towards positive things. Go learn something. Tend a garden. Bring home a pet. Or simply spend time in the park watching the kids play.

Do according to what suits you best. Don’t be preoccupied with any thought. Let life un-flower in front of your eyes at its own pace. Like you savor a cup of tea or coffee, taste life, every instant. Is it sending you a hidden message? Perhaps. God keeps communicating with us in mysterious ways. Talk to him when you catch a bus or a train or maybe when you are on a stroll.

Remember, there is really only one person with you throughout this life. And that is God. Rest are all support structures. Your walk towards him, is yours only. Nobody can walk for you. It’s your life. Mould it the way you want it. Make it or break it. Be wise. Discover God. You will find that he is the only friend that you will ever need.

To your awakening …


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