Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The mystery of the color black

The color black has a strange charm. Black is both an absence of color as well as all colors included. For example, when night comes, which is an absence of sunlight, we perceive the sky as black in color. Also when there is light, an object which absorbs all the wavelengths of the colors, we see the object as black. Black is also the color we are advised not to meditate on.

Sadness is denoted by gray, a shade of black. Stains are also black. Batman wears black. Black is a color misconstrued with evil. In fact, there is no such thing as evil. People are not evil, some of their actions are. Every one of us is a child of the light. We come from light, we go back into light. Black simply does not exist in God’s world.

What appears to be black is an illusion. Darkness is easily removed by light. Hence do not curse the darkness. It’s like ignorance and knowledge. Ignorance is only removed by shining the light of knowledge on it. Knowledge in the hands of the wise can be lethal. Some say ignorance is bliss. I disagree. Knowledge is what has helped us conquer this world and the worlds to come.

A windows or a Mac computer has a white background, because it looks good. A black background would have saved a lot of energy. Maybe in the next versions. Some people think that death is also associated with black color. That would be unfair on death, because death carries us to other realms where there is no black color. In fact these worlds are flooded by light, If not white, maybe an azure hue.



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