Monday, December 12, 2011

Never ever say you are alone

I cannot say enough to thank God for all the wonders that he has given us. Light, Music, Birds, Animals, Beaches, Mountains and the list goes on. The best part is they are all free. He also sends down rain and snow. Isn’t nature fabulous? I still remember my trip to the mountains in rain where I got to see so many insects, a water spring and a mystic lake.

These and many other things given to us by God, still we keep asking for more. This world is miraculous. Still we ask for more miracles. Whatever God has created, they are all positive. In fact there is nothing negative in this world. God is the peak of that positive experience. Ever stared down a valley from the top of a mountain, and you were in awe at the breathtaking scene.

Every single thing carefully created by God. Now that includes us human beings also. We are the most benefited of all, because he gave us free will. Not that he does not have a plan for us. But he has given us the power to override that and pursue whatever we consider is right for us. The least we can do is thank him.

God even doesn’t expect that. He just wants us to be happy. He is a SantaClaus 365 days a year, not just during Christmas. He is beyond comparison, simply because everything is his kingdom. He is our care taker and our hope. Everything under his shade is blessed, which means simply every one of his creations. In short we are living in a world of marvel.

Hence, never ever say you are alone.


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