Thursday, November 24, 2011

The shortcut to success

Never get a feeling that brings you down. Remember, every one of us is special. Nobody is superior or inferior to anyone. Do not compare or criticize others, especially their strong points. Learn from all that happens. You are the captain of your ship. Steer it in a positive way always. Everyone is in a particular situation. Understand that and be helpful.

Some people say that only the rich can do it or you have to be in a special family to do that. All that is hogwash. Anybody who is willing to stake it out can make it. Your aspirations are all real and you are the main person who can make it come true. You may need help. There is nothing wrong in seeking out. But then, you have to help in order to be helped.

There are billions and billions of snowflakes every winter. Every one of them is shaped different. You are also special in the same way. For that matter each one of us has some latent skills which need to be discovered and harnessed. Don’t give up the fight. Stay on. If you keep persisting, sooner or later it will happen. You are a winner and you are bound to make it.

Learn to wait. It may not be your time right now. But keep on keeping on. Pour your love into your dreams, like an artisan who moulds a clay pot. There is nothing more potent than this. Pure dynamite. The goal is not important. The journey is. Squeeze out every single trickle of your deep down desire into this life and see how you achieve your mission.

To your success …


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