Monday, November 28, 2011

All we need is love

There is so much warmth in a family function. You get to meet your loved ones and exchange pleasantries. I wonder how people can live without this beautiful phenomenon. We are getting more and more nuclear and the once big family is getting replaced by a small one. A worrying trend if you ask me. Yes, more independent, but less secure.

There is a strange charm in a big family. The first one being affection. The second being care. The third being understanding. I could go on and on. I recollect memories of my grandma. She had 8 kids, all with allegiance towards her. It was fun to go to our ancestral home just to see her welcoming face and that ice cream that she always used to buy for us.

Once she passed away, that was the end of our ancestral home. I still remember her when I tread through the road across that house. There were guava trees in the front, where I remember to have climbed umpteen times followed by a broken knee. My grandma would apply some traditional medicines to the wound and it would heal fast.

I personally would love my children also to get as much affection as possible from the family. Both mine and my wife’s. If not as a joint family, at least my loved ones should keep visiting us frequently and vice versa. I feel the more the merrier. It would be good for the kids as well as for us. We need love mostly. After all we are all God’s children, aren’t we?


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