Monday, November 14, 2011

What's my destiny?

There is such a thing as destiny for those who don’t believe in their dreams. Planetary positions however dire they may be, cannot affect a man who works towards a goal. There is literally nothing in this world that can stop you, if you are determined. Again let me remind you, this game is not for the faint hearted. Those working without aims, get affected by planetary influences.

But work you must. There will be mountains of obstacles. Consider them as learning. The harder you fall, the stronger you rebound. Wisdom is not something that can be learned. It happens to you out of your experience. Naturally. Prayers can help only if you Ask -> Believe -> Work Hard -> Receive. Claim only things which you are willing to work for.

Most of the people in the world want a shortcut. Even if you achieve it, you will be deprived of the learning that comes out of it. Hence take the long road. Fundamentals almost always are correct. Except if you are willing to believe in miracles. Luck happens to those who steer themselves persistently towards the direction of their dreams.

The stars and planets are just guides. They may not be in an influential position for you at a particular point of time. Don’t lose heart. Work harder. Persevere. And I’m sure you will reach your goals. Look at the planets as teachers. They are there to teach you something that you are missing out. Don’t lose control. Go further and you’ll soon find that all clouds have a silver lining.



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