Saturday, November 12, 2011

Let's dance

This life is God’s gift. Do not squander it away. There are no rights and wrongs; there is no heaven and hell or for that matter devil. Life is simply a dance, played by God through you. Enjoy each moment of it. We have a limited time for our play, before death claims us. So live like a king. By that I don’t mean riches or money. Your heart should be like the wide blue open sky. And you are a king.

There is nothing like you have to leave a legacy behind or you have to be ordained to a duty. As long as you are like that flower which blooms for others or like a waterfall in the depths of the forest waiting to be discovered, you have nothing to fear. Know that this sunlight, the air that you breathe, the trees and the birds are all free. There are no taxes on these.

Be wary of the world with its multitude of laws. Made by man, to be followed by man. Some good, some bad, some fair and some unfair. Think of the world as a bar, where everyone comes to drink. Some get drunk, some end up in a brawl. Others after the kick is gone, return back home. There are so many different people in so many different situations.

Don’t be a recluse. Face the world. But don’t get carried away. Because, most of us do. The dance is everywhere. Learn to recognize it. The real from that which is false. The earlier the better. Time does not wait for anyone. Whether you are the ace player or the sordid loser, the same death awaits you. So before you exit, spread as much of fragrance as you can and most important of all – dance.

Till the last breath …


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